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bedroom update

So we haven’t painted the bedroom as discussed (yet) but I did do a mini update on the weekend.

It’s always nice to freshen up your linens with the change of season, don’t you think? Not only are you likely to be nesting down for the cooler months but the stocktake sales are on so it’s the perfect time to update those faded, threadbare sheets.

bedroom update

We still love our quilt cover,  but the mattress protector was literally falling to pieces so I picked up a nice thick Target mattress protector to replace it. The previous one had the elastic straps at the corners which never kept it in place so the new one is fitted so it doesn’t bunch up underneath the sheets.

bedroom update

The sheets, which had been purchased to go with a different quilt cover, were off-white so I also grabbed a crisp white Target Essentials sheet set. Such a simple update but I feel like I’m staying in a swanky hotel!

bedroom update

The nights have been getting very chilly (just ask The Man who has to deal with my freezing cold feet) so a colourful chenille throw rug was a much-needed addition to cosy up the bed. I love the bright aqua which ties into the colour of the existing quilt cover and cushion.

bedroom update

Finally, I had my eye on Betsy‘s retro style but when I spotted this funky lamp (sorry, no link available) I changed my mind. The Man loves it too and he couldn’t believe it when I told him it wasn’t from some trendy designer boutique.

Next weekend I think I need to schedule some me time curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

I adore fresh, clean bedding as a little everyday feeling of indulgence. How about you?

What are your tips for small changes that seem much more luxurious than they cost? Share them in the comments!


8 Responses

  • I like you adore fresh clean new sheets!

    There is something so decadent about hoping to a newly made bed and relaxing before drifting off to sleep!

    We really want to buy a new bed, so sadly we’ve been holding out on buying any more linen, but I’m getting desperate!!!

    • Thanks Leah! If the bed is the same size can you upgrade the linens now?

  • love your bedding and the throw goes so well with it – very cool lamp!!!

    • Thanks Deb! I’ve had the bedding for years but still love it so it was great to freshen up the space with accessories.

  • Georgina

    I bought the same lamp last week- bargain!!

    • I know, what a find right??

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