My workload reached unprecedented levels of crazy last year, a situation that I’ve been determined not to repeat this year. I am planning to do a whole lot more of the things that make me happy and healthy. (Note: I confess I had a fleeting thought to describe it as things that ‘feed my soul’ but I rejected this Oprah-esque nonsense. You’re welcome.)

I did so much working on and in my home that somewhere along the line I forgot to live in it.

I’ve been trying to regain my weekends as a time of rest and fun. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation to me I want you to as well!

I’m the first to admit I’m not always successful at this, but I have been better about making time for friends and family and switching off the computer on weekends.

With that in mind, I am starting a new column that will be all about cultivating simplicity and joy at home. Every Friday I’ll be encouraging you to join me in a fun weekend challenge. Some of the topics will be a bit more about obvious relaxation and others will be satisfying projects that involve a bit more effort, but they will all have the same goal of making your home a more fun, relaxing and fulfilling place to be.

I really hope you enjoy it!

Why don't you... have a technology free weekend

By necessity of my work, I spend long hours all week on the computer and by the end of the week I am drained from being constantly connected. I have found the single biggest factor to me returning to work on Monday feeling refreshed and raring to face the week is limiting my screen time over the weekend.

It’s true I still do a lot of work-related tasks on the weekend but I make sure they’re easier / more fun / offline (eg. buying supplies, taking pictures, working on blog projects) so that it doesn’t turn into just another work day.

Try turning off the TV and computer for a weekend and limit your social media usage and see how much more relaxed you feel. Not only that, you’ll have way more time to spend on the things you love doing and with your family.

So this weekend, why don’t you have a tech-free weekend?


8 Responses

  • Emily

    I have just started doing this and it makes such a difference! I felt like I had a real weekend!! Great idea :)

    • Hooray for rediscovering your weekend!

  • Erin Patel

    Thank you. This is a good reminder to slow down and relax this weekend. Things tend to run away from me at this time of year. I’m powering down now!

    • Glad you liked it, Erin. Hope you had a great weekend offline!

  • I had to send in my laptop two weeks ago for repair; while I have gotten through a few books since then, I have to confess that I cannot WAIT to have it back.. I need my TV series!
    But I agree, sometimes, you just need to turn everything off! I pause my inbox on weekends, and it’s been a great stress-reducer.

    • I find watching streamed TV series relaxing, it’s more the ‘noise’ of commercial TV, social media etc – and of course, work and email – that I find stresses me out if I don’t have time off. We spent some time watching The Killing on the weekend – love it!

  • love this new column – looking forward to it!

    • Cheers Deb! Now get back to writing your book *sound of whip cracking* 😉

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