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July marks the start of the new financial year here in Australia so it’s the perfect time to review the ol’ budget and work on some your spending habits.

Even if it’s not a tax deadline in your part of the world, mid-year is a great time to reflect on your year so far and review where your financial goals are at.

This month we’re going to be talking about how to decorate, organise and celebrate – all in wallet-friendly ways. But I need your help! I want to create useful guides that will answer your biggest questions and dilemmas. So please leave them in the comments and I’ll address them throughout the month.

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to creating a happy home on a budget?


5 Responses

  • The Man

    Always liking the thing that’s 6 times as expensive as the budget allows! 😛

    • I can’t imagine what you’re talking about 😉

  • This is not something specific, but maybe you could write something about “blogging envy”?! I always find myself reading beautiful design and diy blogs and then having the urge to go out and buy whatever has caught my fancy at that moment. Like, it’s sometimes hard to stop yourself from spending because “everyone has it” or someone styled it so beautifully, you want it as well.
    Or am I the only one this happens to?
    Also, knick knacks – knick knacks are the devil when it comes to sticking to the budget!
    Can’t wait to see what this series brings! :))

    • GREAT question! I’m sure it’s something that a lot of people struggle with (myself included) so I can’t wait to tackle that topic… it’s so juicy it might end up being a whole post on its own.

      • Can’t wait to read what you come up with!!

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