Why don't you... start a Christmas savings fund

“Christmas?! What the hell, woman, it’s barely the middle of the year!’

To that I say, YES I am talking about Christmas now – for good reason.

The Man and I recently added a Christmas fund to our variety of mini savings accounts. We put in $10 a week, which we don’t miss at all, but will net us $520 by the time Santa shows up. Even if you start mid-year you’ll have $260 which is a big help.

Gifts are the most obvious expense but there’s also travel, entertaining, activities, Christmas cards, extra groceries, perhaps new party outfits, the list goes on… All these expenses at once can turn a fun time into a stressful one (or worse, one that you’re paying off well into next year).

Just a few dollars a week – whatever you can spare – will have you on your way to a relaxed and fun holiday season.

So this weekend, why don’t you start a Christmas savings fund?


3 Responses

  • I love this idea! I think I will use it for birthdays, though – my entire family’s birthdays (except mine) are between April and June, and it swallows up more money than Christmas, if you can believe it.
    Thanks for the great tip!

    • Ouch! That must be quite a hit all at once. If you start now you’ve got almost a year :)

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