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The Man and I are so not ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ type people. We couldn’t care less about media rooms and four-car garages and walk-in double showers.

But there is one thing that we will both sigh wistfully when we spot in someone else’s home. What is it that gets us all green with envy?

A dishwasher.

Yep, it’s one of the more mundane appliances in a home. If you have one (you lucky thing!) you may even take it for granted.

We (and by ‘we’ I mean The Man 90% of the time) spend on average about 30 minutes a day washing the dishes. I hate the dishes being left out to dry (it looks so messy!) but we usually do it anyway because hand drying adds another 20 minutes or so onto the process. We spend another 5 minutes putting dishes away each day.

kitchen sink
What I wished the kitchen sink and counters looked like all the time.

When I still lived at my parents’ it would only take 10 minutes total to load and unload the dishwasher, which we did every couple of days for a household of three.

I worked out that instead of about four hours a week (35 minutes a day) we could cut that to half an hour total (10 minutes three times a week). Oh man, imagine getting an extra 3.5 hours every week?! We could tick off some other jobs instead of letting them pile up and still have more time to spend with each other, with loved ones or enjoying some me-time.

We also covet a clutter-free kitchen which isn’t possible with handwashing and air drying dishes (unless you want to do it 5 times a day – um, no thank you!). I’m aware of how much water we’re using, especially every time we have to drain and refill the sink because the water has gone cold, dirty or greasy. These days, dishwashers actually use less water and energy than handwashing which is a bonus for the wallet as well as the environment.

Now, we love living in a townhouse. Our compact living means we have less cleaning and maintenance to do. We are forced to live simply and clutter-free and are mindful of what we purchase and what we keep. Our modest mortgage means less money stress, I was able to pursue my business dreams and we have more dosh to put towards enjoying life with travel, good food and wine and good times spent with family and friends.

But our small home does mean we have a small kitchen. It has sufficient space for our needs but no more. There’s no way we have room for dishwasher (insert sad face).

…or do we?

We were recently having a sticky-beak at one of our neighbouring townhouses (i.e. same layout) up for sale and noticed they had installed a dishwasher. The cogs were already turning that maybe we could do the same when I spoke to a friend who’d recently had a dishwasher installed and she said it was the best purchase for the house they’d ever made!

I’ve found a Dishdrawer from Fisher & Paykel that takes up half the space of a conventional dishwasher so we can still maximise our storage space – nice! A slimline model is another clever option when you’re short on space.

I love that appliance manufacturers are paying attention to the variety of lifestyles and homes out there. It’s awesome to see some options for small spaces that cater for those of us who enjoy compact living or have downsized.

What appliances do you have or want that would still be essentials no matter how much (or little) space you had?


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  • Cha

    See, I keep reading e-ve-ry-day !

    I totally understand. You’re very lucky that the Man is so skilled and nice. We lived here for years without a dishwasher. It changed our lives !
    At some point enough was enough : we decided to replace our mini-fridge by a dishwasher and buy what we call in french “an american fridge” (double doors, fridge and freezer).
    It’s huuuge ! Long time ago, when we had no dishwasher and a teeny tiny fridge I remember going on holiday and being crazy happy because we had a minibar in the room, it felt like having a kitchen in the hotelroom. Those minibars were bigger that our home fridge.

    Keep posting my dear, you’re doing great !

    • Yes I’m very lucky that he mostly does the dishes! I’m usually cooking dinner and making lunches which I find more enjoyable. Happy to hear the new appliances made such a big difference to your everyday happiness.

      Our fridge is on the small side which can be a problem when we have a party – I can’t imagine having only a bar fridge!

      Thanks for your kind words!

  • I’m hoping to have one installed before I go back to work – I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it. It’s just time to get it done! I hate doing the dishes! We have a dish drawer at work, and because I’m a single person household that’s probably what I’ll end up with.

    • Sounds like it’s time to go for it!! I’m sure you’ll love it. Enjoy!

  • alex

    Hi – Was this really spnosored by Fisher @ Paykel or was the irony lost on me?
    Love the blog.

    • Hi Alex
      Yep, I partnered with Fisher & Paykel to share some of their new products that suit small spaces like mine :) For me, simplifying is not just about owning less, it’s about spending wisely on things that improve your quality of life – in this example, labour-saving appliances that free up your leisure/family time.
      Thanks for reading!

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