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The new Target campaign Gok Loves is all about chic city dressing in monochromatic basics mixed with colourful on-trend accessories. I thought it would be fun to translate this into styling your desk.

Whether you are a cubicle dweller or work from home, try some of these ideas to personalise your workspace.

1. Keep paper clutter at bay with a set of stylish in-trays.

2. You may be stuck inside but you can still bring in some (faux) greenery.

3. Brighten up your work outfit with a colourful hold-everything handbag.

4. Repurpose a candle holder as a pencil tin.

5. Personalise your workspace with a framed photo of your family.

6. A gorgeous classic desk lamp.

7. A comfy and sturdy desk chair is a must.

8. Choose a contemporary desk with extra storage space.

9. Use a collapsible box under your desk to stash your personal items such as your umbrella and high heels for Friday night drinks.

10. Quite possible the cutest iPad case ever.

11. Stash some makeup in this cute pouch for a quick touch-up before heading out after work.

12. Pick up some hand cream with cute packaging.

How do you make your workspace more ‘you’? 


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