It’s no secret that The Man and I love to travel. But when we’re daydreaming about our next adventure, it’s easy to forget that we live in a beautiful part of the world with plenty to do and see.

Even if you don’t book any overnight accommodation, simply have a day or two out enjoying the museums, art galleries, beaches, landscapes and restaurants that your area has to offer. Just make sure you’ve done all your household chores during the week so you can completely relax and get that holiday at home feeling.

This is exactly what The Man and I are doing this weekend. We’re heading up to the beautiful Adelaide Hills for a relaxing couple of days to celebrate our ten years (!!) together.

Enjoy your weekend, too, friends!

So this weekend, why don’t you be a tourist in your own town?


2 Responses

  • Happy Anniversary! I love this idea, I’ve been doing a little bit of this myself too – it’s amazing the details you notice when you take the time to, even if it’s somewhere you grew up or spent a lot of time in. Hope you had a great weekend! x

    • Yes, I loved your mini-break series with its gorgeous photos! It’s more relaxing when it’s local too, because there’s no pressure to see and do everything.

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