If you’ve reached a point where you’ve become overwhelmed with clutter, it can be hard to know where to start. Or perhaps you think you’re ‘too busy’ to make any real changes.

Well, the old saying about how to eat a chocolate elephant applies to simplifying and organising your home, too.

Temporarily set aside the fact that you can’t even park your car in your garage anymore and you have two years’ worth of paperwork to file. Instead find a bite-sized corner of your home that you can easily tackle within an hour or so.

It will only take a short time but sorting out your make up drawer / kitchen table / junk drawer will make your daily life easier and less chaotic. Even if that’s all you get done, you’ll regain that I’ve-got-it-together mindset. It may even give you the confidence and motivation to tackle more nagging messes.


So this weekend, why don’t you organise one small thing?

Leave a comment with the area in your home that would only take a small amount of organising to achieve big results. Me? I’ll be reacquainting my clothes with their places in my closet (they’ve been getting too friendly with the floor lately).


4 Responses

  • My one small thing will be the kitchen pantry. I’ve been putting it off long enough. There’s no rhyme or reason for where anything is – pasta sauce under the popcorn. I guess an argument could be made for alphabetical storage.

    Thanks for the motivation.

    • Gosh, yes! Our main pantry (not really a pantry, just an overhead cupboard) is pretty good, but one of the lower cupboards we use for overflow and bulk items is ridiculous. Who knows what is in there?!

      Happy organising!

  • Kiwi

    Laundry room!

    • Hope you were able to tame the laundry beast!

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