So, in completely crazy town news, I was recently interviewed for a television segment about blogging!

It was my first time on screen (actually it was my first time in any kind of face-to-face interview) so I was super nervous. Thankfully the Today Tonight (local current affairs show) reporter and her film crew were really nice.

The interview went for quite a while but they only used a tiny snippet. Unfortunately I don’t feel it really captured what I wanted to say (which was that it’s a lot of hard work but it’s so rewarding connecting with readers). But of course they had their own angle – that we apparently make squillions of dollars, when in reality the vast majority (myself included) are simply covering costs or making a bit of pocket money.

That said, it was a nice positive piece and I’m happy with it overall.

I went a bit nuts tidying the house because I wasn’t sure what they were going to film. I picked up some fresh flowers from Lotus which came in handy (I actually took the above photo while the dude was filming me).

If you like, you can watch the segment here.


2 Responses

  • Alicia, CONGRATULATIONS! That is such a big deal, I’m really happy for you! If it were up to me, you, me and every other blogger out there would be making bajillions! As it were, I love that you take the time to connect with your readers so much and really answer questions we may have.. you’re a blogging inspiration!

    • Thanks so much Johanna! Even if some companies don’t quite ‘get it’ yet, it’s wonderful to know I have the support of lovely readers like you. Feeling all warm and fuzzy now, thank you :)

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