The bathroom is thisclose to completion. While the last coat of tile paint was drying I headed out on a big errands day to source the finishing touches.

First stop was the post office to collect the box of fixtures I’d ordered online. I don’t normally have a car during the day so it was a godsend having the Ford Focus Titanium to get the (extremely heavy!) cargo home.

Next I hit up Target for some plush new towels. I was meant to be buying some accessories too but I was in a very indecisive mood (I think all the paint fumes had gone to my head) so I’m planning another trip today.

I’ve always wanted some extra storage in the bathroom, but I didn’t want a bulky unit overwhelming the space so I was excited to find this open shelving unit at Ikea.

Of course, being two metres tall (the shelving, that is, not me!), I needed to make sure I could get it home. It was a cinch though, I just clicked one button to fold the seats flat and was easily able to slide in the box. Oh, and the reversing camera meant I could whip into one of the loading bays without worrying that I had an audience!

I’ve never been to Ikea on a weekday before, it was bliss! Not so blissful was catching peak hour on the way home (making the normal 30-minute trip into an hour) but I just linked up the Spotify playlist on my phone with the car stereo so the good tunes made being stuck in traffic not so bad.

Getting the cargo home was the easy part. Now I just have to work out how to assemble and install everything…

Disclosure: Ford has provided me with a car for six weeks to write about my experience. Opinions are my own.


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