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Spring, yay! I have to say I’m even more excited about the warm weather this year than normal since we spend a large chunk of our summer in a northern hemisphere winter.

This past weekend we had glorious weather and it was amazing to be able to throw all the doors and windows open and let the warm breeze in. Apart from making the most of the t-shirt weather, this time of year also means spring cleaning.

For me, spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of cobwebs and dusting the top of the fan blades (although goodness knows I do need to do that), it’s also about decluttering so you’re left with a home that’s not only clean but also organised.

For my many readers for whom it is coming into autumn (fall) rather than spring, it’s a great chance to catch up on some cleaning and organising around the home that has fallen by the wayside while you’ve been enjoying your summer.

What are some of your spring cleaning, home maintenance and organising questions? Leave a comment and I’ll tackle your dilemmas in posts throughout the month.


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