If last week’s project of setting up a bar cart wasn’t your thang and you prefer your liquid vices caffeinated, this one’s for you!

It’s such a simple idea but I totally love our little drinks station in the corner of our kitchen (especially now that we’ve got a fancy coffee machine – aww yeah!). Keeping everything within arm’s reach is such a time-saver, plus house guests can easily help themselves without feeling awkward about rummaging through cupboards to find the teabags.

Don’t stop with just the tea/coffee/drinking chocolate, make sure you include everything you need such as sugar, mugs and teaspoons (and biccies too if you have the restraint not to scoff half the tin every time you have a cuppa).

If I had the space I would totally do little themed ‘stations’ all over the place (breakfast making! letter writing! mail sorting!) but this one is definitely a great starting point since we use it daily.

So this weekend, why don’t you set up a tea and coffee station?


2 Responses

  • Georgina

    I love the idea of themed stations!!

    • Let us know if you end up setting any up!

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