confetti party


Yes, I’m still alive! I know I’ve missed a few days of posting recently and have practically dropped off the social media planet and for that I apologise.

There has just been so much going on with the business and other projects that there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to actually work on any house projects, let alone blog about them.

To distract you from that fact, I am going to show you CONFETTI and CAKE!



On the weekend we went to the first birthday party of a good friend’s little girl and it was the cutest party ever! (No surprise that it was so well styled, since she runs the beautiful gift store Table Mantle Pantry.)

How adorable is the mini cake? There was a matching big version too.








Hope your weekend was full of good things too!


2 Responses

  • That looks like the most adorable little party!

    • It was! Very thankful I have friends who care about all the little details like I do :)

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