Doubtful Sound

Please excuse the radio silence recently – my computer died on me the other day which as you can imagine is a bit of a disaster when you run a blog and a graphic design business! I ordered a new one but I wanted it custom configured so I have to wait for it to arrive. Boo.

Thankfully The Man lent me his laptop (I declared him my Knight with Shining Hardware) but with all the workarounds and file transfers everything is taking three times as long as normal.

The timing could not have been worse: I had an epic amount of work to get tied up before I go on leave and was already having a bit of a panic attack about how I was going to do everything! In fact I still have a list as long as my arm and we leave tomorrow… oh and did I mention I haven’t even thought about packing?! (My Type-A tendencies are not used to this level of last-minute chaos!)

Anyway, all that aside, I am SUPER excited to be heading off to that beautiful place in the picture. Well, sort of: that’s a photo of the South Island of New Zealand from our honeymoon and we’re going to the North Island, specifically Hamilton (for The Man’s work conference) Auckland and the Bay of Islands region.

I haven’t had any time off since January and have been working long hours lately so I know it will be really good for me. I’ve got a couple of guest posts that will be scheduled while I’m gone but for the most part I’ll be taking a much-needed blog break.

I’ll see you back here in two weeks!


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