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Now that we’ve finished our bathroom makeover, there’s only one part of our home that has managed to escape our renovating attention. Is it some unused corner? A garage? A room that no guest would ever see?

Um, nope. Sadly not.

It’s our front yard.

contemporary yard & porch makeover before

Not exactly welcoming, is it? In fact our lovely neighbours there (to the right of the picture) are putting us to shame with their potted garden.

Being in a block of units, there’s a bunch we can’t change (flaking blue trim paint, I’m looking at you). But it’s well and truly time we tackled what we can of our sad little patch… especially since it’s spring!

The main issues we have are (ranging from would-be-nice to shudder-worthy):

  • the complete and utter lack of anything living (apart from the lawn);
  • disguising the ugly concrete;
  • the rusting original 70s porch light and house number; and of course…
  • the path that leads right into the verandah post!

We also want to add a small tree for privacy and shade (the afternoon sun streams into our living room) and some storage would be a huge bonus.

contemporary spring porch makeover inspiration

With that in mind, I jumped onto the Masters website and started browsing their outdoor living section.

I began looking at the furniture since they would be the biggest items. They had some great colourful chairs and tables but alas we don’t have the space for that. I did, however, find the perfect storage bench! It is not weathertight or secure, so it will be ideal for non-valuable things like the carwashing gear, buckets, hoses and watering cans.

Flanking the bench underneath the window will be two of the grey pots with some evergreen shrubs. Further potted greenery and colour will be in a hanging basket and pots beside the front door.

We will leave the lawn as-is except for the addition of some stepping stones to the porch. I considered edging plants too but I think it would make it look too formal.

In the centre I’m picturing a dwarf tree to shade the front window. I’m still tossing up whether to go deciduous (since it would let the winter sun in) or whether the dropped leaves would be more maintenance than we’d like.

contemporary yard & porch makeover before

(Would you believe me if I said the cobwebs above were just Halloween decorations? No, didn’t think so.)

Finally, a much-needed upgrade to some shiny new house numbers and porch light will modernise the facade.

I’m really happy with how it’s all looking on paper. I’m now ready to get clicking and buy all of the goodies on the Masters website to make it a reality! Best of all, they deliver (music to my ears).

I can’t wait for it all to arrive so I can start getting my hands dirty!

Shopping voucher provided by Masters Home Improvement. Opinions are my own.

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