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I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks.

I’m not generally a fan of bloggers apologising for absences. But I do feel in this case that at the very least an explanation is warranted.

I have mentioned here or on social media a couple of reasons why I’ve been so quiet over the last couple of months (and by quiet I mean practically falling off the blogosphere). One was our recent trip to New Zealand,
the other being that a day before I was due to begin my leave for said trip, my computer died, leaving me with no way to work or blog.

I didn’t lose anything important (if you haven’t backed up in a while, stop reading this post and go do it now!) but it was still a very stressful time trying to get all of my pre-holiday work done on a borrowed computer with missing software, fonts etc. I’ve since bought a new computer and am loving it but am still running at reduced productivity while I’m in the setup process of restoring all my backup and getting used to the new software.

Anyway, so the other thing I haven’t told you is that I now have a day job again.

The pesky little voice on one shoulder hasn’t wanted to publicise this fact (“Don’t admit to the world you’ve failed,” says the voice). But the one on the other shoulder says “Be honest, be open. You’re a real person and there’s nothing to be ashamed of”.

So here’s me trying to listen to the second voice.

I am proud of what I have achieved over the last three years with my business Akimbo and with this blog. They have both opened up a world of opportunities that I never dreamed of and have  brought me in contact with some amazing people (some of whom I’m lucky enough to now call friends).

But it has also been an incredible amount of work. Now, I’m not opposed to working hard (far from it), but I was burning out. I was pouring everything I had into my business and blog, putting in some crazy hours, not being the kind of wife/friend/daughter/person I want to be, while not being rewarded with the kind of results I anticipated. Which is fine over the short term, but three years of that and my well was dry.

It was time to step back and to put my little family-of-two and our future first while I figure the rest out.

I was hoping to have everything under control before telling you all this, but the truth is I’m still working it all out. I have my existing full-time workload plus 2-3 days at my new graphic design gig so it’s quite full-on at the moment. But I am really enjoying the work (I’ve missed working in a studio on commercial jobs) and getting out of the house.

It’s also had the unexpected benefit of giving me perspective on my business and has forced me to streamline things so I’m focusing on my most important work. I am gradually pruning my ever-growing list of commitments so I am hoping that things will settle down over the next couple of months and I can start the new year fresh and with a bit more balance in my life.

So what does this mean for Atypical Type A?

The short story is: I am not going anywhere. I just need some time to adjust to my new schedule and reassess how my blogging fits into that. Of course, it means I have even less time to work on projects for the blog (although we do now have the means to save for a new house, which means way more projects in future – woop!).

My priority is keeping the quality, even if it means publishing fewer posts a week. I am also considering hiring some help (either for the behind-the-scenes admin work or for contributing writers) to ease the burden on myself. Either way, I still love this blog and am committed to producing great content for you guys.

Thanks so much for your patience while I navigate this sometimes turbulent ocean.

Are you juggling a day job with a business or blog? I’d love to know your secrets for staying sane and getting everything done!


8 Responses

  • As I am moving forward with my jewelry design business I just cut back my blog to 2 days a week – now only writing tues/thursday. it is freeing!

    The blog will be here when your time is freer. Do what you can and enjoy what you can xxx

    • Thanks Deb! With everything else that’s going on, I’ve tried to cut myself some slack over the last couple of months with with the blog. But I hope I can get into a routine soon where I can still produce regular, good content… without driving myself crazy in the process!.

      With this type of blog, it’s not just a matter of finding time to write the blog posts, I have to actually do the projects first and without that I have no content! So I really do need to free up some time. Good luck with your new business!

  • Cha

    I am a pregnant full time working mom. I am not the best everything every week. Sometimes I am the best mom, sometimes the best secretary, sometimes the best daughter, sometimes the best wife. I rarely achieve to be the best everything at once. So I stopped trying.
    Honest is best !

    Take care xoxox

    • Congratulations on your new addition, Cha!

      Thanks for your words of wisdom. The problem is I was trying to do to much within all of those roles so I felt like I was doing none of them well. My aim is now to simplify the business and blog aspects so I take on fewer projects but do them well.

  • Hey Alicia,

    Great post and congrats on the new job! It’s nice to know other people struggle with the balance too. Good on you for putting yourself first! xx

    • Long time no speak, Jane! I hope you’ve been keeping well.

      Sometimes when I’ve admitted to a friend that I’m feeling overwhelmed or whatever, they’ve said ‘But you always look like you’ve got everything under control!’. I never want anyone reading this blog to think it’s about perfection or to feel like they’re alone in their struggles.

  • I have just found your blog.
    I too have disappeared from the blogging world these last two months. At least you found the right way to create a post about it. This has inspired me to write my first post in 2 + months…I have many to apologize to as I also work on line with others. Thank you and CONGRATS on the new job!

    PS – I follow many blogs but i do not read them all. If it’s all about perfection and how things look from the outside…forget it. Maybe take a boo over at my own blog when time permits. (if not no worries either, playing catch up can be stressful)

    Congrats again!

    • Hi Jeanine, thanks for stopping by! I just read a couple of your recent posts – you are amazing for coping so gracefully with everything life has thrown at you lately, so do be kind to yourself and don’t think you have any reason to apologise to your readers.

      Take care :)

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