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When the folks at Dettol wanted to send me a Glen-20 Freshmatic to review I was a bit unsure. I have to admit I’ve never bought an air freshener before.

Most of them seem to just mask odours with some sickly scent, which doesn’t appeal to me. They explained that this one was more of an odour neutraliser rather than just a fragrance, so I thought I’d give it a test run.

We don’t have too many nasty smells in our home (at least I don’t think so?!). With no pets or smokers in the house, it’s mainly just a matter of keeping bathroom and kitchen smells at bay.

I first tested it out in the bathroom – it fits in quite nicely into the new shelving, don’t you think? It sprays out a mist periodically and it smells really fresh and pleasant. It was almost enough to trick me into thinking I had cleaned the bathroom – ha!


Our kitchen has a virtually useless extractor fan, so strong food smells can hang around for days. (It’s really quite gross coming home to the smell of last night’s salmon risotto.) While I didn’t have enough time to test it out on some of my more, er, fragrant dishes, the kitchen smelled so fresh I think it would be enough to take care of some much stronger odours.

I like that the dispenser has a minimalist design, so it’s nice and discreet, plus a fresh, neutral scent. It could easily fit in with any room.

I still love throwing the doors and windows open to freshen the air at home, but it’s not always possible due to hot, cold or rainy weather. It feels nice having a fresh scent in the air in between cleans, no matter what the weather.

What nasty smells do you want to disappear at home?


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