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Before we get into today’s gift roundup, I must announce the winner of last week’s Target gift card giveaway.

Your entries for the worst gift ever had me in tears of laughter! But there can only be one winner, and I couldn’t go past the misfortune of Crystal who said this:

“My worst gift is easy. One year my grandma bought me a three pack of hankies (in a box). They were a bit wrinkled, and upon opening, found one was used. UGH. Worst regift ever.”

Eww! Congratulations, Crystal! I will email you for details on your prize. Oh, and I’m sure no one would hold it against you if you used it to buy a present for yourself ;)


We had gift ideas for the ladies last week and now it’s the fellas’ turn. Here are 30 gift ideas under $30 for your boyfriend/husband, brother and dad.

30 under $30 Target gift ideas for men

1. Wine rack  2. Stemless wine glasses  3. Cookbook  4. Knife  5. Slate cheese board  6. Umbrella  7. Scarf  8. Satchel  9. Shoes  10. Belt  11. Beach chair  12. Beach towel  13. Board shorts  14. Cooler  15. iPod dock & accessory kit

30 under $30 Target gift ideas for men

16. Cookbook  17. Chopping board  18. Creme brulee kit  19. Dinner set  20. Pot plant  21. Storage containers  22. Cushion  23. Flat cap  24. Watch  25. Tie  26. Suspenders  27. Book  28. iPad cover  29. Trunks  30. Video game


I have a $30 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment and ‘fess up to the worst present you’ve ever given and the best answer will win!

Competition closes midnight Monday 2nd December and winner will be announced on Wednesday 4th December. Sorry, open to Australian residents only.


5 Responses

  • Katherine Ryan

    I always try to get hints from people to buy their presents so I don’t think I’ve gotten anything too appalling. The weirdest present I’ve ever gotten was when I was 12, a friend gave me a ballpoint pen and a packet of lime jelly crystals.

  • Benjamin Travia

    I once gave my friend a DVD I had won, which had been sitting near my TV for months. I think he may have seen it previously too. But, I gave him some other things as well!

  • Harriet

    One year my uncle asked for fertiliser (he was getting into gardening). So, I bought it and I thought I wrapped it up quite beautifully. When we arrived at the family christmas party, his flight was delayed and he was extremely late. Everybody was asking what the horrible smell was in the big package in the corner! In hindsight.. Who really wants a bag of poo for christmas? Wish I thought of that at the time!

  • Alexis K.

    Once, in my broke college days, I regifted perfume- that I had used a few times but didn’t really care for.

  • Thank you for your confessions! I’m announcing the winner in today’s post :)

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