porch makeover

One of the things on my porch makeover must-have list was some storage. Why was it so important, you ask?

Well, because there is a never-before-photographed corner of our courtyard that looks something like this:

messy courtyard corner

Yeeeah. Nice, huh?

Our laundry is home to most of our hardware and garden gear, but sadly with no shed or garage the bulky items simply have nowhere to go and have languished in the courtyard for six years.

outdoor storage bench

They now have a neat little spot on the front porch inside the new bench.

Not the most pin-worthy storage idea, I admit, but it will mean our courtyard will no longer be a dumping ground so it wins major points with me.

Now the only question is: what do to with the awkward corner of the courtyard?


4 Responses

  • mardi

    Where did you get your storage bench? A very nice looking addition

    • Hi Mardi, it’s from Masters Home Improvement :)

  • Barb

    In that corner I would put a big flower pot with a trellis and plant star jasmine on the trellis.

    • We actually have a new house now! But your idea would have worked really well. I adore star jasmine and a non-permanent trellis would have been smart since we weren’t allowed to fix anything to the gate.

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