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So there was one thing I didn’t mention about my Christmas break in yesterday’s post, which is that we bought a new house!!

The Man and I had been looking on and off throughout last year, with varying degrees of seriousness (we weren’t in a hurry but it’s a good time to buy here as the prices are predicted to rise soon). A couple  of months ago we put it on the backburner til the new year but we were still keeping an eye on the market online.

When this place popped up I was intrigued by its potential. I knew The Man wouldn’t be too excited about it (he was more keen on older properties with more character) but a couple of weekends before Christmas we were on our way out and decided to pop in anyway.

Pop in we did, and when he saw it in person he was just as keen as me!

A few days later, on a sweltering 43°C day, we went to another open inspection and put in an offer. By that weekend (a couple of days before Christmas), they had accepted our offer.

It’s a deceased estate so there is a bit of rigmarole with the will before we can settle at the end of February, but that’s fine with us since it gives us more time to prepare.

We are actually keeping our current home as a rental which makes the process a lot simpler (and the absence of a ‘conditional on sale’ proviso would have helped us snag the other house so quickly).

We are having another viewing tonight to select furniture we hope the family will sell to us so I will take some more photos and share them with you soon, along with more details about the layout, rooms and features.

The best Christmas present ever, that’s for sure!


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  • Georgina

    Congratulations!! I do love an older home with lots of potential!

    • Thanks Georgina, oodles of potential here!

  • Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing it all! :)

    • I took another 70 or so photos at the walk-through last night so there’s plenty to share soon!

  • Congrats Alicia! That is super exciting news. Can’t wait to see what you do with the new house. x

    • Thanks Jane! You will appreciate my excitement at getting a big studio and space for a prop cupboard 😉

  • Hey Alicia! Just saw this! How fantastic!!! Congratulations to you and mister : ) xx

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