As I mentioned the other day, 2013 was a very hectic and draining year for me.

It was not without highlights – in fact, there were many brilliant experiences – but I had way too much on my plate so I was too frantic to properly enjoy any of it.

Instead of loving living my dream job, I was dreading my unachievable to-do list and spending most of my day doing things that weren’t really getting me anywhere.

Instead of building the wonderful community around this blog, I felt so drained by constantly being online that I switched off from social media and was just ‘keeping up’ with the blog, rather than it being a joy.

Instead of spending our young, child-free years blissfully indulging in all the travel, me-time and socialising we could handle, I was avoiding commitments because I ‘didn’t have time’ and feeling guilty when I did do something fun.

In short, I can now see that I was doing so much that I could do none of it well.

This year, my plan is to get back to basics.

That’s not to say I plan to do the bare minimum and not have any lofty goals – far from it – it’s more about focussing my time and energy on doing a small amount of things to my very best ability. I still have the same areas of commitment to juggle (home, business, blog and work) and that’s not going to change, so it’s a matter of narrowing down the amount I take on for each.


For the first couple of years that The Man and I lived together, we really enjoyed our home. Keeping it clean and organised meant I felt relaxed and there was room for spontaneity. Now I feel overwhelmed by the chaos caused by housekeeping being squeezed out of an overstuffed schedule.

I want to get back to doing more of what I love about home: entertaining friends and family, cooking, reading, decorating and improvement projects and just pottering around. And god forbid as a decorating and organising blogger I might actually want an attractive and organised home!


Trial and error is how I learnt so much as a fledgling business owner. But three years on, I now need to focus on what works and what is the core of my business. This year I am cutting off the to-do list any projects that won’t contribute to the long-term success of Akimbo.

My business is still my baby and I love it, but the amount I was taking on was affecting other areas of my life too much and for too long. By cutting back to a more sane workload I will not only love my life more, but also my business.


With a growing business along with a new part-time job, I now have less time to commit to Atypical Type A. It is still very much a priority for me though, so I need to make sure I dedicate regular chunks of time to it.

I realise that now I have the shop and need to deal with sponsors I need to be even smarter with my time to ensure my most important work (original posts about creating a home) is always maintained. Having a whole new home to tackle is making it easy to get excited about though!

So my plan this year is to…

Do the important things and do them well.

Everything else doesn’t matter.


16 Responses

  • The Man

    Love this. Love you. xox

  • Hi!

    It’s so amazing the fact that you got into those clever conclusions, well done! and I wish you a fantastic ‘back to basics’ 2014! regards from france,

  • sounds like a great plan hon – just catching up on your new posts and look forward to more xx

    • Thanks for your support as always, Deb!

      • Dude, right on there brother.

      • Lot of smarts in that posting!

      • I’m not worthy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

      • Hey hey hey, take a gander at what’ you’ve done

      • Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.

      • Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.

      • All of these articles have saved me a lot of headaches.

      • Times are changing for the better if I can get this online!

      • Dude, right on there brother.

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