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Target beach essentials

It was absolutely sweltering here last week with temperatures in the 40s all week and reaching 46°C (115°F). Which as far as I’m concerned is too hot to do anything but sit under the aircon with an icy pole. (Which is precisely what I did all week.)

Thankfully this week is much nicer, in fact it’s perfect beach weather!

Target beach essentials

Target beach essentials

My old beach kit was all worn out so I picked up some new essentials from Target, including the funky tote and cushy towel (the sunnies are also Target from a while back).

I opted for sandshoes instead of thongs so they’re more suited to a post-swim walk along the esplanade.

Target beach essentials  Target beach essentials

The Man and I popped down to the beach for an evening dip and walk last night – so lovely! I actually prefer the beach at night because I get burnt in about 5 minutes flat otherwise (whitest girl alive). Plus, sunsets.


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