House sold sign

We got to put up our sold sign last week — yippee!

Before we get stuck into planning all the new house projects — oh, who am I kidding, I have already mentally planned everything — there are a bunch of things to address in our current abode.

We already have a tenant lined up (phew) so it does take the pressure off but we still want make it nice for her.

Here are the projects we are tackling before we move:


  • finally finish painting bathroom tiles
  • install new taps and showerhead
  • deep clean and re-caulk shower seal
  • install shower shelf
  • whiten grout in floor tiles
  • tidy up caulking


  • fix light fixture that had come away from the ceiling
  • clean top of shelves and rangehood
  • fix stove element that I broke ~4 years ago and replace knob
  • touch up paint (there are a few nicks in the woodwork)
  • re-caulk splashback


  • touch up chipped & scuffed paint


  • fix hole in ceiling (don’t ask)
  • patch up wall where paint is missing from some overly enthusiastic Blu-Tak removal
  • touch up paint (where the lamp, cables etc have scraped the wall)


  • putty and paint holes from hooks
  • fix airconditioner

Living room

  • de-mount TV and patch/paint holes


  • general pruning and tidy up
  • train creeper along green wall
  • replace broken parts of bamboo screening?
  • put plant in bare corner where maple tree was

Front yard

  • nothing except trying to keep it alive during this scorching hot summer

Of course, each room will also get a thorough clean of all the floors, skirting boards and so on. I’m also trying to do a big declutter so we’re not moving anything we don’t need.

They are all little jobs, although they do add up. Plus, every time we do something, we are wishing we did it for ourselves earlier!

Do you have any other tips for first-time home movers?


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