Several weeks ago I was gearing up to prep our home to put on the (rental) market. We were thankful to quite quickly arrange a lovely tenant (a former colleague of The Man’s) so we didn’t have to go through that whole process.

Of course, there is a bunch of maintenance we’re doing in preparation – touching up chipped paint, having the oven professionally cleaned, fixing the stove that’s been broken for four years – you know, all the things we’ve never got around to doing for ourselves.

What we haven’t had to do is any staging for listing photos and inspections.

I must admit to being relieved, but then I saw a great post over at Minimalist Mom advising to ‘sell’ your home to yourself.

That is, even if you have no plans to move, act as if you were moving house; get rid of anything that wouldn’t be worth taking with you.

Act as if potential buyers are coming into your home; fix any less-than-appealing features.

It’s a great approach to try to get yourself to see your home through someone else’s eyes: you’ll notice things that you tend to gloss over because you see them every day. Immediately you’ll want to put all your kitchen appliances back in the cupboard, change an awkward furniture layout, pare down the knick knacks and go on a decluttering frenzy.

Treat yourself to some fresh flowers and enjoy your ‘new’ home!


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  • I love this idea!

    I do a version of this when I clean each weekend: pretend guests are coming. It helps me clean with extra vim and vigor.

    But taking the extra step of fixing those little things that bug us, but which we’ve learned to live with, is a nice gift to give ourselves. Why should the new buyers (or tenants) get all the fun?

    • Unfortunately the only thing that works for us is actually having guests over. We tend to use it as motivation to do more than is required for entertaining.

      Yes exactly, we should enjoy it for ourselves! I love having “getting things done” weekends where we tick off all those odd jobs like hanging pictures or dropping off donations. So satisfying.

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