attic office progress

House progress photos as promised!

The first project I tackled was my upstairs office as I really want to get it set up as soon as possible so I can get back into the swing of things work-wise.

I started by throwing litres and litres (seriously, I used a tin and a half) of white paint at the room. I actually used an all-in-one sealer/primer/topcoat (One Step by Dulux) on all of the surfaces. Unfortunately the wood panelling and surprisingly even the walls needed FOUR coats so I was well and truly over it by the end of the week.

It was definitely worth all the neck-craning though because it is looking light and bright now.

attic office progress

Next I ripped up the golden yellow carpet. I’ve never taken up carpet before but, happily, it was easier than expected (how often does that happen?!).

I hooked a small screwdriver into the carpet itself (it has a high pile) in one corner of the room to begin lifting it up. From there it was pretty easy to jimmy off the tacking strips (using a larger screwdriver and a mallet where necessary) and yank up the underlay.

attic office progress

Instead of navigating the old carpet roll down the stairs The Man and his brother threw it out the window onto the front lawn which must have been an odd sight for the neighbours!

attic office progress

Behold! We have floorboards!

attic office progress

attic office progress

As you can see, it’s not in the best shape but it will still work for what I want them for which is painting them.

attic office progress

I still have to figure out how to patch a few gaps caused by too-short planks plus fill in all the nail holes, sand and paint.

A long way to go but certainly a marked improvement on this:

house before

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6 Responses

  • I’ve painted so much wood out of my house and the after effect of light bouncing around is amazing.

    yours is looking super fab xxx

    • Thanks Michelle. I’m normally drawn to colour but with all the wood I’m like GIVE ME WHITE EVERYTHING!

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  • thank you

  • Grand article ! Comme il est décrit et expédiées rapidement . Merci !

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