New house ideas

No surprises that I’ve been pinning like mad since December when we signed the contract for our new home.

Like the announcement, I wanted to keep everything hush-hush until it was all 100% sorted. But I just realised my epic pinboard was still set to ‘private’ – oops!

Well and truly time to remedy that so you can peek inside my brain to see how my ideas for the new house are forming. Make yourself a coffee and go over and browse my inspiration so far on Pinterest. Go on, I’ll wait.


Back? Good! Tell me, what did you think?

In some ways it’s quite a departure from my normal design tendencies. There is a lot of white and other light wall colours (mostly very pale grey) instead of being drawn to my usual bold palette.

Certainly it’s partly due to age – we were in our early twenties when we bought our first home so it was a fun, colourful house for a young couple, whereas I feel like this is our ‘grown up’ house.

I think also at the time I had a boring job and wanted a stimulating environment at home. Six years on, I have more than enough stimulation in my day so I now find myself craving calmness and simplicity. (Self-diagnosing psychology through Pinterest – who would have thought!)

Some things definitely haven’t changed though. Overall my style is still a mix of old meets new, with a heavy mid-century influence, graphic patterns, industrial touches and pops of colour.

Either way, you can definitely see clear themes emerging, which is what’s so great about the process of creating moodboards.

My goal with this house is to have it all flow and work together, instead of the dog’s breakfast of a colour palette we had in the townhouse. Consistent flooring and a whole house colour palette is at the top of the list.

That said, I do have the irrepressible urge to paint a couple of the rooms in really bold shades, but I’m leaning towards neutrals rather than brights (greys or even black). I still want it to be playful and colourful (couldn’t live without that!) but more as accents rather than competing everywhere for attention.


I do have a very clear vision for our home, but I am going to take my time and let it evolve bit-by-bit.

This is the first time I’ve planned a whole house scheme at once. Have you ever done this or do you take more of a take-each-room-as-it-comes approach?

And how has your style or approach evolved over the years?


6 Responses

  • Katy

    The Man, did you get much input or are you leaving everything in Alicia’s capable hands ??!! But then again there is the man cave under the house !!!!

  • The Man

    There has been some input so far. With things like inspiration and Pinterest boards A goes through all that without me. Then we’ll have a discussion later when it’s closer to the time of actually doing the job and I’ll either just say “Yep. Go.” or I’ll have something I don’t quite like (i.e. right now I’m not necessarily liking the grey in the bedroom idea). Then we’ll work that out and it goes ahead.

    I’m not a typical ‘I’ll just go and sit in my man cave’ type 😛 Well… not yet. There’s not enough alcohol to drink down there yet 😉

    • The Man

      And no TV!

    • Yep Katy, as The Man said, I do the majority of the big picture stuff and then we’ll go through it all together to make a final decision.

      Although apparently I still need to work on my communication as I’m pretty sure I never said anything about a grey bedroom?!

      • The Man

        That’s just what it says on the Pinterest thing you have there. LOL I suppose it’s not the decorating bible 😉

      • Haha, that’s just my shortlist of ideas. Still undecided on the fate of the bedroom walls…

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