Earth Hour 2014

I haven’t done a ‘Why don’t you…’ column in a while but when the rep for Earth Hour got in touch to spread the word I thought it would be the perfect reason to do so.

If you’re not aware, Earth Hour is an annual event to encourage us all to switch off our power for just one hour to combat climate change. This year the focus is on saving the Great Barrier Reef. My parents took us when I was 13 and I want to be able to do the same for my kids in future but it won’t be around if action isn’t taken now.

The Man and I have already been going very low-tech recently, with renovations simultaneously rendering our lounge and kitchen  almost unusable. So we enjoyed a candlelit picnic on the floor (and may or may not have polished off a bottle of red on a Monday night).

It felt like such a relaxing treat we’ll be doing it again for Earth Hour this Saturday at 8.30pm.



3 Responses

  • I’m in! I’m craving a true “shut off” and I love the idea of lighting some candles and just totally tuning out the wired, powered world.

    Thanks for the nudge!

    • It was so lovely, we cooked on the barbecue and had a relaxing candlelit dinner outside that lasted for well over the hour. Hope you managed to have some tech-free time over the weekend too!

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