kitchen benchtop dilemma

While we have made a lot of progress on the house, the last week we’ve gone one step forward and two steps back. I am totally cool with putting in the time for a good result but when all that effort is for nada, it’s frustrating to say the least.

Here’s how it happened:

I prepped the kitchen, including priming the entire cabinetry for painting. I painted the tiles – beautiful! I painted the cabinets – beautiful! I painted the benchtop – uh… not so hot.

The Man was nervous about saying anything because I’d spent so much time on it. But as soon as he said that he didn’t think the benchtops were working with the rest of the kitchen, I admitted I was thinking the same thing. No qualms with the product itself (in white it has made the faux wood cabinets look amaze) but the colour? Well, we just weren’t feeling it.

We did consider trying a different colour paint but thought we’d look at other options while we were about it.

I remembered my friend Mary saying something about her plans to concrete her benchtops so I hit her up for some details. I also went online and saw a couple of examples, which boosted our enthusiasm.

I was all gung-ho to get straight into it but The Man wanted to be thorough and make sure we’d considered all the options. So we started looking at getting new benchtops. Of course, we couldn’t have new counters with a cruddy old sink, could we? And we couldn’t have a shiny new sink with decades-old plastic taps, could we?

Even with a cheap Ikea number (Lagan, if you’re  wondering) it was still going to be nearly $600 for the benchtops alone. We had car keys and measurements to head to Ikea when we both just looked at each other. Are we sure about this?

The timber counters would have looked beautiful in the kitchen against the white cabinets, true. But this is only a cheap cosmetic makeover to tide us over until we do a full-on renovation in a few years. We never intended to drop several hundred dollars on new fixtures.

Ugh. So, a whole Saturday afternoon wasted and it was back to Plan B: concrete.

I’ve applied one coat and so far so good! I will do another post on the full process once I’ve finished. Wish me luck – it seems I need it!


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  • Ugh indeed :(
    But it’s all part of the process I suppose. You win some, you lose some. We are considering building/semi-building some sort of island bench configuration for our kitchen in our new (rental) home. My plan was to get an ikea base kitchen cabinet and husband to possibly make a top for it out of a nice timber, possibly concrete. I could just get the lagan timber top as well but I they only come as wide as the cabinet (60cm) and I want an overhang for a bench/barstools. SO…I was also looking at at the Gerton table top (for a desk) which is 75cm deep, but far too long, but we could cut it off…OR we just get a piece of timber not from ikea (which is what I think we will do). I’m hearing you!

    • You’re right, it’s always better to expect that not everything will go smoothly!

      Wow, how ace is your landlord? We had the same issue with the depth of the counter when we were considering timber – great idea about the desktop, never thought of that. Good luck.

      P.S. Popped over to your blog, it’s gorgeous!

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