Renovating progress

I can’t believe we’ve been in the new house for a whole month! 

Let’s turn around the previous post about renovating disaster stories (add yours if you haven’t already!) and talk survival tactics.

I confess this is a completely selfish callout for pointers. Right now I have visions of sipping drinks from coconuts on a beach to get me through yet another microwave dinner, but I know once we get back from Hawaii it’s going to be a looong year of living and working amidst the chaos of renovations.

Seasoned renovators: what are your best sanity-saving tips?


4 Responses

  • My top 3 tips for renovating are
    1. Always laugh or you’ll cry
    2. Always stop and appreciate how far you’ve come (not just how far you have to go!)
    3. Always have cold beers and wine in the fridge for after your hard day of renovating!

  • Anne

    My advice is to plan meals for work days in advance. We DIY for two main reasons: 1) we love to do projects and 2) to save money! Once we get started with a project, the last thing I want to think about is “what’s for dinner?” and eating out all the time can really add up. I have found it helps if I put a meal in the crockpot before we get started or have leftovers in the freezer. That way, when we break for dinner, it’s ready for us and we’re not tempted to run to a restaurant. :)

    • So smart, Anne! While we don’t have a crockpot and were out of our usual stash of freezer leftovers (cleaned out the fridge before moving), we still planned for the week as normal. Most of it was fairly basic or we could cook it on the barbecue so we’ve only been having takeaway once a week max during the kitchen renovations.

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