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White Knight laminate primer in kitchen

When we left off the kitchen looked something like the above. With the brown-on-brown-on-brown scheme a fading bad memory, it was time to apply all the new finishes.

White Knight kitchen makeover

Kitchen makeover

We chose a grey-tinged white for the walls to make the white-white cabinetry pop. A soothing neutral is a definite treat for the eyes after the previous patterned wallpaper. Unfortunately the nicotine-stained ceiling took five coats of paint, including one of stain-blocking primer – ew!

White Knight kitchen makeover

We ummed and ahhed about the benchtops but ultimately opted to try out hand at concreting (which is a post unto itself). I love the textural and earthy aspect to complement the other sleek, white surfaces.

White Knight kitchen makeover

Having painted tiles in our old home’s kitchen, bathroom and laundry I was pretty confident and it turned out just as well as expected. I did the whole thing with a brush, because being oil-based it is somewhat self-levelling (although it’s important to use one with very fine bristles to avoid brush strokes). The paint is super thick so unlike the ceiling (along with two coats were sufficient as promised.

White Knight tile & laminate paint

Next up were the cabinets. I painted them in situ and used the same fine-bristled brush, which meant I could do the cutting in as I went along (gotta love saving an extra step). I thought I might have to switch to a roller but the first coat turned out nice and smooth so I stuck with it. I did two rounds (inside and outside) each with two coats.

White Knight tile & laminate paint

The difference after the tile and laminate paint was like night and day. The tiles are a high gloss while the laminate is a satin so together they reflect so much light; a godsend in such a dim room.

White Knight kitchen makeover kitchen-makeover-54 kitchen-makeover-56 kitchen-makeover-57 kitchen-makeover-59 kitchen-makeover-62

Remember what it looked like before?

White Knight kitchen makeover

What a difference! We are still planning a few finishing touches (lighting, primarily) but I’m happy to say we added three decades just with a few tins of paint and a bag of concrete!


7 Responses

  • Janice Bear

    Are you getting rid of the orange pendants?! I sort of love them and I’d be sad to see them go…

    • I was hoping to save them but they are so low and closed-in that they only cast the thinnest bit of light. I took the photos above with a long exposure on a tripod; the room is actually really dark and needs some more serious lighting than what the original pendants can provide.

  • Ali

    Looking good! Would love to find out more about how you did the benchtops. Would be perfect for our kitchen upgrade

  • Erin

    It looks GREAT! It looks so clear and fresh! How have your Ardex countertops been holding up? What sealer did you use on them?

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