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In last week’s post of 20 things I’ve learned in my 20s, the last and most important thing for me was to ‘Trust your gut’.

That’s what I did recently after a lightbulb moment told me I should completely cut out one major aspect of my stationery business Akimbo. I’d been trying to build the retail and wholesale side of the business (after all, who doesn’t love making money while they sleep?). But in truth it just took time and energy away from what I really love doing: designing wedding stationery.

I’m normally an overthinker and a planner (there’s the Type A for you) but in this case I made the decision as soon as the idea formed. Perhaps I would have come to the realisation much sooner if I’d not been working myself so hard last year. It took me forcing myself away from work on nights and weekends and a moratorium on new projects for that to happen. My gut already knew what to do, I just needed to stop and listen to it.

Of course, my timing is laughable since we have just bought a new house with a big studio for me and now I won’t be needing all this space to store inventory and packaging. Ah, well!

It’s pretty amazing how well our intuition can guide us if we only let it.


With the decision made, I am clearing out all of my remaining stock and get ready for this next phase of my business. I don’t normally do any promo for my business here but I know there are plenty of stationery lovers among you so I didn’t want you to miss out.

You can find all of my regular sale stock on my web shop as well as a bunch of special ‘lucky dip’ clearance packs over on my Etsy shop.



4 Responses

  • love that you listened immediately to that gut – that is fab hon xx

    • Thanks Deb, normally I’d have an opposing voice on the other shoulder but this time it was clear as day. While it isn’t easy to let go of something you’ve worked so hard on, I actually felt immediately relieved which tells me I’m doing the right thing.

  • Ah, intuition. I’m still learning to listen to it. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. All I’m hoping is that I can lean that ledger to the successfully side more often than the not side, if you catch my drift! :)

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