Port Antonio cocktail

Happy Friday! Please regale me with some of your exciting weekend plans as I will no doubt be spending the majority of mine with brush in hand, craning up to 26 linear metres of cornice. Whatever your plans, there’s always time for a Saturday night cocktail, yes? I’ve shared this sweet/tart one over at Polka Dot Bride today.



Birthday giveaway winners

Congratulations to readers Harriet, Brittney, Maria, Georgina and Kelly! You have each won an Akimbo stationery mixed bag. I’ll be emailing you to get your delivery details. If you missed out, you can order your lucky dip pack here. Thanks so much for your kind and helpful feedback on the birthday post. You’re keen to see more of:

Most of this is exactly what I love to write about so it’s great to know it’s resonating with you too. The only thing I don’t plan to increase is cross-promoting my stationery business┬ábut those interested (thanks!) can follow over on the Akimbo blog.

Thanks again for reading and here’s to another big year ahead!


2 Responses

  • Maria

    So exciting!

  • You won’t ever plan to take all of these apart! They are so incredibly wonderful. I will be little ft non-stop and various wow gold harm my very own tip toes. Indoors and / or released there’re outstanding, particularly with many of our under 6 months. I wolud get these atlanta divorce attorneys colouring, the fact is that these are typically my very own further two. I’ve dispersed every one accompanied by a repellant in order to always keep stains off of.

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