Winter 2014 capsule wardrobe

Following on from my post last week discussing why I’m experimenting with Project 333, here’s a look at my items for my first capsule wardrobe.

I actually found it surprisingly easy to pull together my 33 winter items – much easier than dealing with all of the leftovers, which is still a work in progress. I bought a handful of items last season that I wore a ton and work quite well together. A colour scheme emerged quite naturally so I stuck with it for easy mixing-and-matching of outfits.

I’m very lucky in that my office job is only two days a week and it’s not too corporate so I can wear the same items to work as I would on the weekends. We also experience relatively mild winters here in Adelaide too, which makes it easier.

My 33 winter items

Here’s what I ended up with:

  1. Navy jeans
  2. Black jeans
  3. Cream lace skirt
  4. Patchwork skirt
  5. Black tulip skirt
  6. Turquoise dress
  7. Black knit dress
  8. Black long-sleeved tee
  9. Olive long-sleeved tee
  10. Teal bow top
  11. Blush sequin sweater
  12. Plum knit sweater
  13. Black & white stripe jumper
  14. Plum knit cardi
  15. Charcoal chunky knit jumper
  16. Turquoise turtleneck jumper
  17. Purple trenchcoat
  18. Blush leather jacket
  19. Olive green coat
  20. Black & beige handbag
  21. Purple clutch
  22. Purple skinny belt
  23. Tan plait belt
  24. Turquoise chunky scarf
  25. Pink/purple chevron scarf
  26. Multi-coloured floral scarf
  27. Tan heeled ankle boots
  28. Turquoise heeled calf boots
  29. Grey slouch calf boots
  30. Black buckle heels
  31. Two-tone pink flats
  32. Black & white stripe flats
  33. Mystery item

The handbag really should have gone out long ago but it was the only remotely neutral one I owned so it had to be included. I’ll try to stick it out with a terrible worn-out bag for this season and maybe pick up something new for spring. The olive top and plum cardi I’ve both had for years and worn them to death so they’ll likely have to be replaced mid-season.

I’ve also included a ‘mystery’ item in case I find I’m really missing something, either an existing item or something new. In particular I’m thinking a nice top for work / dinners out could be a worthwhile addition (maybe this one?).


I applied the normal exclusions of Project 333 including:

  • Underwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Work out gear
  • Loungewear
  • Everyday jewellery (e.g. wedding rings)

Admittedly I was tempted not to include shoes, bags and accessories but figured I should try to challenge myself and did end up counting them.

I did allow myself a couple of additional exclusions:

  • Dirty clothes (for painting, gardening etc)
  • Special occasion clothes (for weddings and such)
  • Sunglasses, winter hat and gloves
  • Jewellery

Despite my cheats, I haven’t given myself free rein: I’ve selected a limited amount of jewellery (so hard!), two pairs of gloves and one hat. I only have one pair of winter dirty clothes and one pair of sunglasses so that was easy.

So, if you see me between now and August 31, I’ll be wearing some combination of the above. Wish me luck!

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe or clothing challenge?


2 Responses

  • This is so exciting! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that this all works out :) I know how hard my 30×30 challenge was, and that seems puny in comparison to this! I’m currently also on a “declutter all the things!” trip because I a getting ready to move again (sigh), and my little challenge taught me just how well you can get by with a few things, so I’m interested to see if it also works with even fewer pieces!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Johanna. So far so good! In fact I think I’m actually dressing better. Half of our stuff is still in boxes (no point in unpacking everything while we’re renovating every room in the house) so I’m finding out just how much I can live without in other aspects too. Good luck with your declutter and for the big move!

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