keeping warm this winter

Picture The Man and I on the couch, wearing our thermals (the ones we bought to survive a European winter holiday), multiple jumpers and even scarves and beanies, with a nanna rug up to our chins and hot coffee in hand.

Yep, that’s pretty much been our reality for the last few weeks as winter has set in. We feel like total wusses – I mean, this is Adelaide, it doesn’t get that cold – but it seems our new home is fuh-reezing. Great in summer, but winter? Yeahnotsomuch.

It has an old double-sided oil heater in the formal living areas at the front of the house but it doesn’t function so we’ll be ripping that out. The man we bought the house from was in his 90s, I have no idea how he managed without heating but he was obviously made of tougher stuff than us!

We have been surviving with nothing more than a tiny blowy heater but of course they are terribly inefficient to run so we feel guilty even switching it on. (Even as I write this, I’ve just got up to put my dressing gown back on over my clothes so I can turn the heater off.)

We bought an electric blanket which we used for the first time last night which is a total lifesaver. But we are still hanging out for a more permanent solution for both day and night.

We’re planning on having ducted airconditioning installed before summer (there is only one tiny old aircon unit and it’s in the living room that we won’t be using yet) so we’ll likely get a reverse-cycle system to kill two birds with one stone. To be honest I prefer a radiating heat rather than a blowing one, but there are so many other pros (only one system to install, single set of ducts, no loss of floor/wall space, will heat entire house in zones) that I’ll have to get over the one minor con.

Til then, let’s compile a big list of winter survival tips. What heating system do you have in your home and how else do you stay warm?


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  • Katy

    Can’t live without ducted heating – the whole house is warm!!! I prefer floor ducts for the heating and ceiling ducts for the air con. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable having hot air blowing down on you, so think carefully where the ducts are to go !!!!!

    • Good point, as we’re looking at reverse cycle we’ll have to think about duct placement that will be comfortable and effective for both hot and cold air. Can’t wait to have the whole house done, it’s going to feel like such a luxury!

  • Our house is freezing too, and we’re currently living off hot water bottles! Cheap interim solution :)

    • I’m scared of hot water bottles – I grew up with my mum (a nurse) telling us horror stories of patients burning themselves with boiling water!

  • We were considering ducted air con, but the house is so huge and it was going to be tricky to zone it properly. We ended up getting split systems in all the bedrooms and living areas. It works well because you only put on the rooms you are in and my kids won’t be living here full time, so it worked out well. Air con is well worth it and kills two birds with one stone. You won’t regret it.

    • Thanks for your input! Yes hopefully we can set it up so that the zones work out since there are only two of us in quite a large house.

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