Makeup drawer before & after

Decluttering is an ongoing process, usually requiring you to revisit the same areas periodically. It’s not often that I’ll do it just a few months later, but that’s what I just did with my makeup drawer.

In this post from our old home five months ago, I got rid of a ton of rarely used and out of date cosmetics. The ‘after’ photo was looking ship-shape but it wasn’t the whole story: I still had a couple of zip-lock bags filled with spare items (samples and gifts) and several lipsticks in every handbag.

So while I had already done a big declutter before we moved, starting Project 333 has made me take a closer look at other aspects of my getting-ready routine.

I chucked* a whole pile more items, this time focusing on getting rid of colours that don’t suit me, samples I’ll never use and spares that could have lasted me two lifetimes (seven blushers/bronzers – really?!).

I consolidated my lipstick collection and now only put the current day’s product in the single handbag I’m using this season. There are some similar colours in there that I do use but could live without so I won’t replace them when they’re used up.

Apart from getting rid of the zip-locks, the biggest downsizing was the eyeshadows. I managed to find the ultimate (for me) silver-taupey-grey palette that suits everything from a subtle highlight to full-blown event makeup so I was able to get rid of four others that were less versatile.

The only non-everyday items I kept were a couple of super bold lipsticks and a crazy eyeshadow palette that I’m keeping for costume parties. I put them in the difficult-to-access section at the back for now but I could even move them to the costume box.

I moved my brushes to a jar on the vanity as they kept jamming the drawers, but apart from that, this is now my entire makeup collection. Still not minimalist by any means but it’s a far cry from what I used to have.

My next task will be to consider my toiletries and hair products to further streamline my mornings.

Do you like to have a lot of variety in your makeup or do you have a simple routine that suits you everyday?

* Put aside to donate to a women’s shelter.


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  • Nice work – I have been thinking lately that I need to clean out my make up case. This post is super helpful!

  • I have a collection of lipstick that I never wear because I can’t stop picking at my lips when I put on lipstick.. I’m really only keeping them out of guilt because I spent a bunch of money on tnem *sigh* I have one box of make-up, and just like you, it’s really the eyeshadows that take up all the space! Since I’m getting ready to move (again!), I think a purge is in order!
    Have a lovely week! :)

    • Maybe a lip pencil would work for you instead? It’s longlasting and you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything. Guilt is a really tricky thing! I’ve never spent a lot on makeup but there are clothes and other things I’ve kept waaay longer than I should have because of guilt.

  • Georgina

    So pleased to hear that I’m not the only one with a costume box! :)

    • Totally! I love going to costume parties but hate hiring one-off costumes so it’s good to have a few versatile pieces that can costume-ify some of your regular clothes.

  • Georgina

    Yes! So true!! People seem to think it’s weird… Their loss.

  • china great.

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