Winter outfits

I’m a third of the way through my first 3-month season of Project 333 so I thought I’d give an update on how I’ve been finding it. I showed you my winter capsule wardrobe, well here are some of the outfits I’ve been making from it.

There are 25 outfits here and it’s not even a comprehensive view of the combinations. When you consider jackets, jewellery, tights etc there are even more outfits so I’m not getting bored at all.

Honestly, it hasn’t been a struggle in the slightest. The 33 items I chose are basically what I lived in last winter anyway (I didn’t buy anything new this year). If anything, I have been dressing better. I’m accessorising more with lipstick, hair and jewellery and wearing heels and skirts more instead of always defaulting to jeans and flats.

Remember I only actually chose 32 items as I left a spare hanger in case I found I needed something (either new or from my boxed-up spares). I haven’t needed anything else, which is nice. I’ve dipped into my excluded items for a dress for my best friend’s 30th (I allowed myself special occasion outfits as planned cheats) but apart from that I haven’t even been tempted by the rest of my wardrobe.

I’ve had a couple of casualties, though. My grey boots have an irreparable hole in them (womp womp womp). I’ll replace them with some similar boots that I already own, but they are not as versatile (not appropriate for work, for example) which is a pity but I only need to survive another eight weeks. My handbag was already in shabby condition but the daily use has tipped it over into bag lady territory. I spotted my dream handbag (which also doubles as a camera & laptop bag) at 50% off so I snapped it up.

In short, I’m loving it so far!


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  • Katy

    Looking good Alicia !!! Though are you getting sick of taking photos of the outfits ??!!

    • Hi Katy, I already took photos of every item for the earlier post on my 33 items. This is just a digital mockup so thankfully I didn’t have to take photos of every outfit… that said, it did take a long time to put this graphic together!

  • I’m so happy to hear this is going well for you! I did a major clean-up of my clothes (for the move, like I’ve mentioned a million times on here now 😉 ), and yet I still feel I have too much, and not enough of the right things?! It’s such a process!
    Excited to hear your end resumé of this experiment :)

    • That’s so true. It’s funny, I think we still take all our habits with us when we scale down our wardrobe. So we still only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time and we favour too many of one thing (*coughshoescough*) over some potentially more useful items. Good luck for the move!

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