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So I’ve been teasing you over the last couple of weeks with peeks of my new collection. I’ve shown you the party invitations, a mood board and some fun projects. Today it’s finally time to show you the whole shebang!

There’s a lot of rustic, handmade and vintage-inspired invitation options out there at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I adore all that. But I figured there were a decent proportion of brides who didn’t dig that style and would love to see some glam, modern alternatives. So I created the Martini collection, inspired by cocktails and city lights.

Martini foil detail

To really make it special, it’s foil-stamped onto super-thick black card. I just love how the foil catches the light and gives a beautiful shimmery effect. (Please note the other items on this page are printed digitally as they’re just samples but above is a close-up of what the actual foiling looks like.)

Pre- and post-wedding stationery is covered…

Martini place card

…as well as the big day itself.

It would be perfect for an urban loft wedding, especially one with a cocktail reception… and dancing all night!

Keen to see more? Check out the full range here.


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Don’t forget the Akimbo bespoke wedding stationery sale!

Haven’t confirmed some of your wedding details yet? No problem, you can still take advantage of the offer by placing your order now and we can finalise the design later.

It’s valid for orders where the deposit is received by 31st May, so to take advantage of the discount you’ll need to contact me for a quote now.

Sign up to make sure you never miss out on any special offers.

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Show & Tell

Wedding Invitation Ideas p1

Morning, all. I hope you all (especially the mothers among you) had a special weekend.

Last week Kristen of Invitation Crush launched the debut Wedding Invitation Ideas lookbook, an inspiring e-book chock full of amazing wedding stationery. I am thrilled to announce that four of my designs are included! It features designs from the world’s leading stationery designers so I am honoured to be in their company.

Wedding Invitation Ideas p22-23
Page 22: Laundromat invitation | Page 23: Sweet Home invitation

Wedding Invitation Ideas p28-29
Page 29: Dewey save the date

Wedding Invitation Ideas p48-49
Page 48: Mod Poppies invitation

As if that wasn’t enough great press in one week, my Flick save the dates were included in Shop Til You Drop‘s princess-themed roundup (for Grace Kelly if you can’t work out the connection!).

STYD Princess 1

STYD Princess 2

Thank you so much to Kristen from Invitation Crush and Lisa from Shop Til You Drop for sharing my work with your readers.

While I’m banging on about it, I might as well remind you about the birthday sale (it’s not for the products you see above, the 20% off is only available on custom jobs).

Akimbo birthday sale

Check out examples of my work or drop me a line to enquire or place your order.

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I mentioned yesterday that May marks the first birthday of not only Atypical Type A, but also my stationery business Akimbo. To celebrate, I’m offering 20% off all bespoke wedding stationery orders placed this month. So if you need save the dates, invitations or day-of paper goods, you’re in luck!

Don’t worry if your wedding is quite some time away. You don’t need to finalise the details yet, you just need to place your deposit by the end of May to take advantage of the discount.

Sound great?

Contact me with your quantity, items required and any ideas or preferences you have.

From there, we’ll discuss your ideas in a bit more detail. I will provide a no-obgliation,
itemised quote. Once you approve the quote, I will invoice for the deposit (50%) and I’ll get stuck into creating beautiful wedding stationery just for you.

Sign up to make sure you never miss out on any special offers.

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Akimbo Mod Poppies

Hello again! Anyone suffering from a chocolate hangover?

I had a fantastic break over Easter but I’m so freakin’ lucky I have a job I love going back to. Things have been going great: I have been working with some of the sweetest clients lately (hi girls, if you’re reading!) and will be releasing two new collections shortly.

As well as working directly with brides to create their dream invitations, I also love collaborating with other talented ladies in the industry. So if you’re a wedding planner or stylist anywhere in the world looking to outsource the stationery component of your service, I would love to work with you to bring your vision alive in paper.

If you’d like to find out more about our special rates for approved Akimbo industry partners, drop me a line. You might also like to sign up to be kept informed of all the latest product releases and special offers.

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Judging by the questions I get, a lot of people must be confused as to when they should be sending out their wedding invitations and announcements, so I’ve put together a quick guide. 

Save the dates
These should be sent out no later than five months before the wedding day, otherwise they will arrive too close to the invitations. There’s no such thing as too soon with the save the dates, however if you’re sending them out a year or so in advance, you’ll need to think carefully about who should receive one because circumstances can change. Once they’ve gone out you can’t later turn around and decide you’d prefer an intimate family affair or find that you’ve changed jobs and don’t want to invite your former colleagues.

Eight weeks is a good rule of thumb for when to post your wedding invitations, but there are exceptions. If you are having a small or casual celebration with local guests who have been made aware of the date, you could get away with six weeks. Aim for 10 weeks if you are having a destination wedding, have lots of out-of-town guests, it falls on a holiday weekend or if you didn’t send out save the dates. 

Thank you notes
Try to have all of your thank you notes sent out within three months (of course your guests will offer a little more grace if you had a two-month honeymoon). With a little planning you’ll be able to have them done in no time: make sure you have ordered, addressed and stamped them in advance.

So that has all the important sending dates covered, but what about receiving?

RSVP date
Your venue will need to know final numbers for catering purposes a few days before the wedding and (trust me) there will be people who don’t respond on time. Setting an RSVP date of 10 days prior will give you enough time to chase up the stragglers. This won’t affect ordering your personalised place cards: simply order one for everyone and only use the ones that are coming. However if you plan on having a custom printed seating chart you will need to set a response date that allows enough time for design, printing and shipping.

I hope that’s cleared things up a little.

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Show & Tell

Akimbo Flick movie theme invitation

Lights, camera, invitations! With the Oscars happening next week, what a perfect time to introduce the Flick collection. It has a fun movie theme, but the classic black and white palette keeps the cheese factor down. Of course it’s ideal for the movie buff couple, but would suit anyone looking for a bit of glitz and glam.

Akimbo Flick movie theme invitation ticket RSVP Akimbo Flick movie theme table numbers

There’s even a save the date that ties in with the theme but is is different enough not to spoil the surprise of the invitation itself.

Akimbo Flick movie theme save the date

Check back tomorrow when I’ll be posting some free matching bits and pieces.

Orders and enquiries here.

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Show & Tell

Sweet Home wedding invitation suite

Sweet Home wedding invitation pocketSweet Home RSVP card

I introduced the Sweet Home baby announcement some time ago but I’ve now expanded the collection to feature wedding invitations, bridal/baby shower invitations, save the dates, personalised stationery and loads of cute party extras.

Sweet Home save the date

 To complement the sweet embroidery style, I brought in buttons, which I can’t get enough of. Magnets glued to buttons are the perfect addition to the coordinating save the date. 

Sweet Home notelet

Sweet Home notelet Sweet Home calling card

Those not planning a wedding might be more interested in the stationery items such as personalised notelets and calling cards.

Sweet Home favour labels

Sweet Home food flag

Sweet Home banner

Tomorrow I’ll show how you can translate this theme (and the free printables) into a sweet and fun bridal shower or party.

Til then, check out all the product info here.

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This may seem like a self-destructive article seeing as I’m an invitation designer. But truth is, I would rather see couples use their budget wisely to get the best possible stationery rather than have them think it’s out of their reach and automatically go for some seemingly cheaper sub-standard option. I see plenty of couples who value beautiful wedding stationery but have a limited budget and I always really want to help them make the most of it. If this sounds like you, read on!

Akimbo Precious wedding invitation

Precious wedding invitation by Akimbo

Order early
Some stationery companies will charge a rush rate if you leave your ordering too late. Avoid the rush fee by placing your order no later than four months before the day.

Order everything at once
Some printing processes will be much more efficient when printing numerous simliar items together, especially if we’re talking about custom ink colours or specially-ordered stock. Print your day-of stationery and thank you notes at the same time and you could save some dough. Moreover (wow, haven’t cracked out that word since writing my last design history essay six years ago) if you’re ordering online, you’ll definitely save on shipping costs.

Order plenty
Increasing your order by a handful will cost you a few beans, but re-ordering the same handful will be a significant extra cost since the printing process is more cost-effective when producing larger quantities. So if you’re umming and ahing about a few guests, err on the side of caution and order invitations for them anyway. Similarly, if you’re having any items hand-calligraphed, order a few extra in case your calligrapher makes a spelling mistake. It’s not a waste if you have a bunch leftover, ask around and you’ll probably find a few guests who would appreciate an extra invitation for their scrapbook or as a keepsake (my father-in-law has added a spare of ours to the family history collection).

Stick to the standard
As much as I love creating unique invitations specifically for a couple, there is absolutely nothing wrong with off-the-shelf styles. Do your research and you might find something that suits you perfectly as is, which will save you having to pay for the design work. Your stationer also might be willing (I know I am!) to tweak an existing design for a small fee rather than starting from scratch, which would be much pricier.

Be selective with colours
If your invitations will be printed digitally, you can go nuts with as many colours as you like since it doesn’t affect the price. With most other processes, however, each colour needs to be printed individually so additional colours will add cost. If you have your heart set on a two- or three-colour invitation, you can still trim the cost by printing the coordinating items in single colour or in digital.

Limit the guest personalisation
With printing methods that use plates (such as letterpress) it’s not possible to add the guest’s name to the invitation. It’s an option with digital, however it will cost a bit more, so consider whether you really need it.

Plan and check carefully
Most designers won’t let you make infinite changes without charge; in my case I supply two rounds of proofs and any further revisions will be billed. To avoid additional cost, think carefully about your needs and wording and check your proofs thoroughly (better yet, have a second pair of eyes proof-read).

Skip the extra envelopes
Postcards are an increasingly popular format for save the dates and RSVP cards as it eliminates the need for an envelope. From what I can tell, outer envelopes (a second, slighter larger envelope to keep the inner envelope pristine) seem to be commonplace in the US, however they do add unecessary cost in the form of an additional envelope and calligraphy or labelling. In Australia, this decision is made easy by the fact that no-one sells them!

Reduce the postage
Ask your invitation designer to keep the size and weight to within standard postage to avoid extra costs – or worse, a pile of returned invitations covered in ‘insufficient postage’ stamps. I have received invitations where the RSVP envelope came pre-stamped, which is a nice gesture, but if funds are tight let guests pay their own 60c.

Lose the liners
I love envelope liners but even I admit they are definitely a bonus not a requirement. Or you could have the best of both worlds and go the DIY route like I did.

Limit the calligraphy
Anything done by hand will add significant cost, so consider having printed mailing labels instead of calligraphed addresses or trying your hand using this cheat’s technique. If you still want to incorporate calligraphy but don’t have the budget for the individual addressing, have your stationer work with a calligrapher to design the invitation wording, monogram or return address that can then be affordably reproduced with printing or rubber stamping.

Take advantage of printable extras
All the little extras to complement an invitation suite (think favour tags, mailing labels, place tags etc) can add up. Once I’ve designed the main suite, designing these is light work and the print quality is not as important so I like to give these away as free downloads for customers to print at home. When you’re considering stationers, compare the price of all the items you need not just the invitations, to make sure you’re making an accurate comparison.

Be open with your stationer about your budget so she can help you make the most of it. You may have to make the odd compromise here or there, but you don’t have to cancel the honeymoon just to pay for top quality wedding stationery.

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Do you remember the save the dates that I designed and made for our vintage library wedding? I’ve since produced some for clients too and thought I’d share the bonus wraparound address label I created for them.

Akimbo Dewey free address label

Just download the file plus this font, fill in the details and print onto adhesive paper.

Find out more about the save the dates (which can also be used as invitations).

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