The Pretty Blog free printables 1

Oh, what a delight it was when I stumbled upon this gorgeous and versatile set of free printables from The Pretty Blog! Designed by Elephant Shoe, there’s a whole bunch of tags, stickers and cards for all occasions.

The Pretty Blog free printables 2

Head over there to see the full set and download them.


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Love vs Design free printable cards
Love vs. Design via How About Orange

Make a cup of tea, get yourself comfy and pen a couple of thank you notes and get ahead on the month’s birthday cards.

These Modern Angle cards are free for you to print, so there’s no excuse!

Download here.

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I Love Stationery cover

I was pretty thrilled last year when one of my fave design authors Charlotte Rivers (not just saying that – I did already own some of her books and follow her blog) asked me to submit some of my work for her upcoming book. But then I put it out of my mind because books take so long to reach the shelves and besides, not everything that’s submitted will make the final cut.

I Love Stationery - Akimbo

So imagine my excitement when I flipped open my freshly-delivered copy of her book I Love Stationery and found a whole page feature on Akimbo‘s Woodland collection!

Huge thanks to Charlotte and her publisher Jacqui Small. It means so much to me to be published in such a beautifully produced book.

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You’ve probaby worked out by now that I did a lot of crafting for our wedding. To save you from hunting through the archives, I’ve compiled a nifty little long post summing up all the projects.


Alicia & Ryan wedding

Fabric butonnoiere *

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Beribboned bridesmaids’ fans *

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial final

Bridesmaids’ cameo jewellery boxes


Alicia & Ryan wedding Alicia & Ryan wedding

Book ring ‘pillow’ *

Ribbon wands *

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Family photo display *

Paper garland

Book vases

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Screenprinted napkins *

Alicia & Ryan reception decor Alicia & Ryan wedding

Twig balls and branch altarpieces *

Photo booth

Speech bubble blackboards

Vintage book page backdrop

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Decoupaged book page votive holders *

Scrabble tile table names


Akimbo - Mortlock 2

Invitations (more info here)

Screenprinted belly bands


Akimbo - Mortlock 8

Envelope labels for ceremony-only invitations (free printable)

Envelope liners

Alicia & Ryan wedding program


Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 3

Thank you notes (with free printable tags)

Alicia & Ryan wedding Alicia & Ryan wedding

Menu *

Reserved ceremony seating signs for parents *

giant crossword

Giant trivia crossword *

Alicia & Ryan wedding Alicia & Ryan wedding

Welcome message *

Escort cards *

Photo booth table and sign

Photo booth sign * (free printable)

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan save the dates

‘I spy’ game sheets * (free printable)

Save the dates *

Wedding music CD favours

CD sleeves (free printable)

Because I was so involved in our wedding I did have some friends and family ask me what on earth I’d do with myself after the wedding and whether I would become one of those depressed newlyweds once I was no longer a bride. It’s true I absolutely loved planning and handcrafting our wedding, but no way did I want to prolong it forever. It took up an insane amount of time so frankly I was a little relieved to have a huge chunk of my free time back and to be able to focus on getting my fledgling stationery business off the ground.

Speaking of which, I wasn’t sure whether to include the stationery as ‘DIY’ since I am a professional graphic designer and some items were professionally printed. In the end I decided to include them to show the whole picture of what I created for the event.

There are a few of the more basic projects that I haven’t done tutorials for but if you’re interested in finding out more please just shout out in the comments. Cheers!

* Images marked with an asterisk by Luke Simon Photography.

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I left you last week with the girls and the lads all ready for the big day (go here if you missed it).

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Sweet ride, huh?

We were actually never planning to have ‘proper’ wedding cars. Sure they look nice in photos but we figured none of the guests would see them so we’d prefer to spend the money on something more important to us. Then our friend Dave showed us a photo of the latest vintage car in his collection. Um, yes please sir.

I know it’s traditional for the bride to have the white car but what can I say? I’m a colour-loving girl and wanted to have the funky blue car for myself!

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Sneaky photographer getting a shot from inside through the blinds. Thankfully he didn’t capture the moment when my bridesmaids realised I had indented stripes in my back from the stitching on the vinyl car seats and had to vigorously rub my back to get them out.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

My friends at Mary & Gabrielle Events kindly set up the room for me. The ceremony was such a whirl I felt like I didn’t really have the opportunity to soak in all the details I’d worked so hard on, but looking back at photos it turned out exactly as I had imagined.

Alicia & Ryan wedding Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Our whole wedding was at the beautiful State Library of South Australia, with the ceremony being in the older wing, the Institute Building. Built in the 1830s it’s one of the oldest buildings in Adelaide.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

During the leadup to our wedding I kept expecting to start getting nervous. Initially I thought maybe the nerves would kick in with a week to go. Nope. Maybe the day before? No, too concerned about being sick. That morning? No. How about when I’m dressed and the photographer has arrived? Still no. Surely when I arrive at the ceremony I will be nervous?

It was the biggest day of my life and I dislike being the centre of attention and yet I never had any nerves whatsoever. It sounds cliche but I was just so giddy with pure happiness and excitement. Hence why I have I have the most ridiculously cheesy grin on my face in half the photos (way to be an elegant bride, Alicia).

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

I won’t go into too much detail as I’ll be doing a whole post on our vendors at the end of this series, but I have to mention how fantastic our celebrant Megan was. We didn’t like the idea of asking the father of the bride’s permission and giving away, so here she is asking for the blessing and support of all four parents. Her words, the readings done by a couple of friends and of course our own vows were so special.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Loving that beautiful golden light, don’t the girls look positively glowing?

Alicia & Ryan wedding

What’s that? Oh, it’s only a flipping choir at our wedding.

We saw them perform a few months before our engagement and they were so rad we decided we had to have them at our ceremony. It wasn’t in our budget but we nixed the idea of having favours altogether and put the money towards this as our surprise to the guests. I only wish I could have been in the room to hear the first couple of songs they sang before my arrival!

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Cue another goofy grin from me.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding


Come back next week to see the bridal party shots (there’s even an award-winning photo in there!)

Photography by Luke Simon Photography

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Cloth-covered box files materials

I’d had these pink box files for some years and they’re really handy, but the colour had faded a lot in the sun and was looking a little drab. Besides, it was the only remnant of pink in the now yellow, grey and aqua office.

They were perfectly functional so I didn’t want to ditch them, instead I covered them with grey fabric for a neutral, classy look.

Cloth-covered box files during

I used this technique for turning thin cotton fabric into sturdy cloth stuitable for gluing. Getting the flaps to stay put is the only tricky bit but with help from some pegs and rubber bands you’ll be fine. It would work better on a cardboard rather than plastic surface like this, but since I use these files for seldom-accessed items they didn’t need to be super durable.

Cloth-covered box files after

Cutting out the finger-pulls was going to be a real headache, so I simply stuck on some metal rim tags in the same shape and size. I actually threw out the previous contents of the files and haven’t decided what will go back in them hence the blank tags.

I had the tags, as well as the rest of the materials, already on hand so it was a lovely zero dollar project – and you gotta love that.

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Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Don’t you just love when you go to a wedding and the couple has added personal touches to really reflect them? Well, me too, so I’ve written an article about how to personalise your wedding with stationery over at A Paper Proposal.

Read the full article.


Start the new organised and stylish with these fab calendars. Choose from the customisable owl-a-month or the 20s fashionistas. Oh, and did I mention they’re FREE?!

Owl Lovers free calendar 2012
My Owl Barn

Free 2012 calendar fashion
Dingbat Press

Heirloom invitation

I know that the world of invitation design – especially printing – can be totally overwhelming to those outside the industry, so I’ve written a crash course on letterpress over on Little Wed Hen.

Check it out!

Mathilda's Market November 2011 Adelaide

You guys! I’m so excited about my first ever market which is happening this weekend! Called Mathilda’s Market, it’ll be chock full of the funkiest kids’ gear around, just in time for Christmas shopping for your own little ones or perhaps some lucky nieces and nephews.

It has free entry and parking, so no excuses – I’ll see you there!

A collection of pretty meets practical ideas to inspire a happier home

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