Akimbo at Bowerbird Bazaar

I’ve mentioned my big weekend at Bowerbird Bazaar a couple of times this week so I think it’s high time I showed you some photos!

Last time my stall setup was pretty basic as I was just trialling the market to see if it would work for my business. Thankfully it did so this time around I put a fair bit more effort into my display. It still has a way to go but I am quite happy with it.

Akimbo at Bowerbird Bazaar

Akimbo at Bowerbird Bazaar

I launched some new products including these screenprinted white on kraft cards which were a hit so I’m very happy with that! (Coming to the online shop soon.)

Akimbo at Bowerbird Bazaar

Akimbo at Bowerbird Bazaar

Akimbo at Bowerbird Bazaar

Thank you SO much to my friends and family for their support, especially my Dad for helping set up and The Man for being there helping all weekend.

And a HUGE shout out to all you lovely readers who came along and said hello! It’s so nice to put faces to the blog stats 😉


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Atypical Type A guest picks - nursery artworks
Product photo courtesy Andrea Smith

It’s a public holiday here but I had to pop in to share my latest guest post up on Houzz.

I’m going to a friend’s baby shower on the weekend and I’m giving her one of my framed art prints (er, spoiler alert, Cat!). With that in mind I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favourites by other artists, including the adorable one above by Andrea Smith.

See the full roundup over on Houzz.

Aussie and Kiwi readers, I hope you have a restful and reflective ANZAC Day. Everyone else, happy Thursday (or Wednesday as the case may be in your time zone) and I’ll see you tomorrow with a Mother’s Day gift guide.

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Vintage camera print

Some months back, I shared with you this Design Editor free printable art (via How About Orange) and I even mentioned that it was the perfect art for me.

It’s taken all this time for it to dawn on me that I did actually have a spot for it and should use it.

I already had the frame and the printing only cost a few dollars at Officeworks (since it only needs black ink and basic paper it was super cheap). It’s now happily hanging by the bed.

Have you created or used any (nearly) free artwork lately?


Mod Poppies print

I know two posts a day is very unusual for me, but I wanted to drop back in to let you know that my business Akimbo is having a sale with $10 off all art prints.

I’m working on some new products and updating my packaging so I need to clear some space!

Regency alphabet print

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner print

Wonderland 'Impossible Things' print

If you’re searching for a gift or something to brighten up your own walls, one of my art print could be just the ticket!


This makes the medium prints only $13 and the large prints only $26 (+10% GST for Australian orders).

Check out the full range here.

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Happy Monday - Have a nice day
Have a nice day print by Edubarba

Happy Monday, comrades!


Happy Monday - Measured my life in coffee
I Have Measured Out My Life with Coffee Spoons print by What Katie Does

Surely the perfect print for the kitchen of any coffee connoisseur.


Happy Monday - I don't need red bull
I Don’t Need Red Bull, I’m a Taurus print by Peanut Oak

I am not the most energetic person (honest truth: I would have a nap every day if I could). What gets me through particularly busy periods like the one I’m currently in is simply my Taurean stubbornness and sheer determination.

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Andrea Smith print via Hardtofind.

I had so much fun virtual shopping for this month’s guest post on Houzz. It’s all about brightening up your home for spring with affordable accessories.

Read it now!

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A collection of pretty meets practical ideas to inspire a happier home

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