Makeup drawer before & after

Decluttering is an ongoing process, usually requiring you to revisit the same areas periodically. It’s not often that I’ll do it just a few months later, but that’s what I just did with my makeup drawer.

In this post from our old home five months ago, I got rid of a ton of rarely used and out of date cosmetics. The ‘after’ photo was looking ship-shape but it wasn’t the whole story: I still had a couple of zip-lock bags filled with spare items (samples and gifts) and several lipsticks in every handbag.

So while I had already done a big declutter before we moved, starting Project 333 has made me take a closer look at other aspects of my getting-ready routine.

I chucked* a whole pile more items, this time focusing on getting rid of colours that don’t suit me, samples I’ll never use and spares that could have lasted me two lifetimes (seven blushers/bronzers – really?!).

I consolidated my lipstick collection and now only put the current day’s product in the single handbag I’m using this season. There are some similar colours in there that I do use but could live without so I won’t replace them when they’re used up.

Apart from getting rid of the zip-locks, the biggest downsizing was the eyeshadows. I managed to find the ultimate (for me) silver-taupey-grey palette that suits everything from a subtle highlight to full-blown event makeup so I was able to get rid of four others that were less versatile.

The only non-everyday items I kept were a couple of super bold lipsticks and a crazy eyeshadow palette that I’m keeping for costume parties. I put them in the difficult-to-access section at the back for now but I could even move them to the costume box.

I moved my brushes to a jar on the vanity as they kept jamming the drawers, but apart from that, this is now my entire makeup collection. Still not minimalist by any means but it’s a far cry from what I used to have.

My next task will be to consider my toiletries and hair products to further streamline my mornings.

Do you like to have a lot of variety in your makeup or do you have a simple routine that suits you everyday?

* Put aside to donate to a women’s shelter.


Budget bathroom makeover after

I showed you some snippets of our bathroom makeover on this post a while back but it was mostly featuring the new decor. The updates to the hardware and surfaces were the biggest change though, so I thought I’d delve into that a bit deeper.

As a reminder, here is the before:

bathroom before

Budget bathroom makeover before Budget bathroom makeover before

And now…


Budget bathroom makeover after

The biggest impact came from painting the wall tiles. We painted the backsplash in the kitchen when we moved in and have been really happy with it so we went with the same method.

Since we only have the one shower it required a bit of planning and a lot of inviting ourselves over to our parents’ for dinner and showering. But SO worth it.

No more faux marble tiles with patterned frieze! The texture of the frieze is still visible in person but I’m not too fussed about that.

The floor tiles are still pretty cruddy – unfortunately tile paint isn’t recommended for floors. I was planning to whiten the grout but with all the moving prep I have run out of time.

Budget bathroom makeover after

Budget bathroom makeover after

The other big difference is the shiny new hardware we The Man installed. We chose the same range of tapware as the kitchen and laundry, plus a sexy waterfall showerhead.

I had wanted a shelf in the shower for the longest time to avoid piles of bottles on the floor. In fact, we did actually have a shelf in there a couple of years ago, but very briefly, because the brackets promptly broke in half and the glass shelf fell down. (No, we didn’t have too much on the shelf, it was just a really shoddy product from Ikea.)

Anyway, now we have a lovely shelf… which we won’t be able to enjoy because we are moving out in two days.

Budget bathroom makeover after

When we replaced the towel rail we also installed a hand towel ring because the room previously didn’t have one at all. The ugly mismatching plastic door hooks came down in favour of matching metal ones too.

Budget bathroom makeover after

Still totally loving the ladder shelf (a much better find from Ikea), it’s the perfect fit for the space. I bought it knowing we were house hunting but it’s such a versatile piece I know we’ll always find good use for it.

Budget bathroom makeover after

This was the last room in the house to have any work done over the six years we’ve been here. Even though we haven’t got the chance to enjoy it for long, it still feels like a great accomplishment.

Our gleaming white bathroom is the icing on the cake of our finished house.

Source list

Tile paint: White Knight

Wall paint: Accent ‘Ivory Stone’ (actually not recommended – it works in the kitchen and laundry but here it looks too green against the bright white tiles)

Tapware, rails and hooks: Renovation D

Towels: Target

Decor & storage: Mostly Target, plus a couple of bowls purchased overseas and some other items I had lying around

Let me know if you have any questions on the process or where any other items were sourced.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, however in the interests of disclosure please note some of the Target items were provided to me for a previous post.

P.P.S. I would like it to be known that I have not, in fact, killed my beloved potted orchid. Its absence is due to it being in its non-flowering season so it is happily having a holiday outside.

This post is sponsored by Target

cleaning caddy 1

One of my favourite organising tips is to store items where you use them. I decided to take my own advice and set up a little cleaning box in the bathroom using this cute white storage tin.

cleaning caddy 2

The caddy contains vinegar, bicarb soda, methylated spirits, Ajax, a sponge cloth, a microfibre cloth and an old toothbrush.

cleaning caddy 3

Instead of carting everything up from the laundry (downstairs), all the essentials are now on hand in the bathroom so a quick clean is that much easier to squeeze in on a busy weekend… or, er, five minutes before guests are due to rock up.


I was already on a mission to simplify our cleaning routine when I spotted this nifty gadget. 

You guys, a robotic sweeper. I feel like I’m on the Jetsons.


You just press a button and off it zooms to every corner of the room (this is what the disposable pad looked like after only a tiny section – ew!).

We will still need to mop any sticky spills in the kitchen, but for everyday cleaning of crumbs, dust and hair it will work great on our downstairs flooring.


I had a spare metal crate under the sideboard that is the perfect home for it.

Only thing is, I’ve now made life easier for The Man (cleaning the bathroom and sweeping fall under his side of the chores list) so I need to even it up by finding ways to automate my tasks – ha!

Do you have any of your own tips for simplifying your cleaning routine?



Here’s a roundup of all the bathroom posts from this month:

August is… Bathroom Month

Moodboard: Bathroom update inspiration

Bathroom before photos

Bathroom progress

Bathroom update reality

Even though I was working on it fairly solidly throughout the month (I spent many nights prepping and painting after working a 10-12 hour day) the project took way longer than expected. More on that – and a proper set of before & after photos – coming as soon as I’ve completed the finishing touches.

In the meantime, September’s theme will be spring cleaning – so make sure you hit me up with your housekeeping questions.


The July Book Nook was Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik. Were you as inspired to get stuck into some cheap and easy projects like I was?


What projects were you working on this month? Any bathroom renovators like me?


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Woohoo! I can finally show you the bathroom!

Here’s how took the inspiration and turned it into reality. The adjoining room (the upstairs landing) is green so I thought I’d go for mainly white with green accents.

Target bathroom makeover

Decorating in the bathroom should above all be focused on functionality, so most items are completely practical.


They had some brand new storage gear in store, including the white tins and wicker baskets, so I ended up using those instead of my original plans. Even The Man commented how cute they were – win!


After five years, we were well and truly due for some new towels. I’m loving these new thick and fluffy Egyptian cotton bath towels – such a pretty colour don’t you think? Our daggy hand towel was also ready for replacement and I opted for a contrasting rather than matching one.

bathroom after-2

I bought most of the items that you see here from Target  but mixed in some existing pieces I had on hand.

My main tip is to think outside the bathroom aisle! I used some items from the storage department, homewares and even kitchenware for storage and decor.

What aspect of your bathroom could use snazzing up?


Well, today was supposed to be the day that I revealed our finished bathroom.

Alas, Murphy’s Law had other plans so it’s taking longer than expected. Like, way longer.

For now, here is a sneak peek at the freshly painted tiles. I still have to finish off the trim, install the new hardware and add the accessories (the fun part!).

bathroom before

First off, I admit our bathroom doesn’t look THAT bad.

We’re lucky it doesn’t sport the original brown 70s tiling like most of our neighbouring units. But its not-completely-offensive appearance belies the questionable style choices and incredibly shoddy workmanship of the previous owner’s “improvements”.

So here is an up close and personal look at all of the things I hate about our bathroom.


There’s nothing wrong with the vanity, although I never would have paired those contemporary handles with the traditional tap set, which is a different style again to the toilet roll holder.

And there is no place for an industrial fluoro tube light (even one that isn’t missing a cover) in a residential home. Ever.



Our sole attempt to improve the bathroom over the last five years was the addition of a glass shelf in the shower… which broke. (Thanks Ikea, it was a genius idea to use tiny plastic brackets to hold a glass shelf.)



Let’s be honest: you’re not fooling anyone with the ‘marble’ tiles.


Classy, right? (And I’m not even talking about my nanna dressing gown.)




This is not just deterioration. Someone actually went to the bother of repainting the room and didn’t think it worthwhile to fill in the (many) gaping holes first.


This is the EXTERIOR paint colour. How a massive glob of it wound up on the bathroom doorframe in the first place is beyond me, let alone why no one fixed it.


Now you can see why I’m so excited to finally be overhauling this room!


This post is sponsored by Target


1. Hurricane vases  2. Picture frame  3. Suction shower shelf  4. iShower bluetooth speaker  5. Seagrass basket  6. Towel set  7. Faux orchid  8. Shelving unit  9. Lantern  10. Wire basket  11. Soap dispenser  12. Soap dish  13. Bath mat 

I’ve been busy prepping the bathroom for its much-deserved makeover. To while away the hours painting, I’ve been mentally forming an image of what I want the end result to look like.

It will mostly be white, but I want to add some texture and depth using natural materials in shades of greige. Naturally, no room in my house can escape some colour, so I’m adding pops of green to tie in with the adjacent stairwell/landing walls.

The freestanding unit will be perfect for extra storage and the baskets will be great for spare toilet rolls and such. I’ve also looked outside the bathroom aisle for pretty storage (like the hurricane vases  for cotton balls and makeup brushes) and decor such as the faux orchid and lantern.

I’ll be back later in the month to show you how I’ll be bringing this inspiration to life!

before photos

This is what our bathroom looked like when we moved in. Five and a half years later, this is still what it looks like.

Yep, it’s the only room that has managed to entirely escape our decorating frenzy. But not for any longer!

This month I’m tackling our sad bathroom with lots of affordable upgrades.

I. Can’t. Wait.

singer sewing table as vanity
Chrissy & Kyle’s home via Design*Sponge (Image credit: Evan Nash)

It’s been a while since I did a Rethink & Reuse feature but I came across this clever idea and couldn’t resist sharing it. I love the visible age of the timber paired with the contemporary square basin.

Check out more clever upcycling ideas on my Pinterest board.

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