Winter outfits

I’m a third of the way through my first 3-month season of Project 333 so I thought I’d give an update on how I’ve been finding it. I showed you my winter capsule wardrobe, well here are some of the outfits I’ve been making from it.

There are 25 outfits here and it’s not even a comprehensive view of the combinations. When you consider jackets, jewellery, tights etc there are even more outfits so I’m not getting bored at all.

Honestly, it hasn’t been a struggle in the slightest. The 33 items I chose are basically what I lived in last winter anyway (I didn’t buy anything new this year). If anything, I have been dressing better. I’m accessorising more with lipstick, hair and jewellery and wearing heels and skirts more instead of always defaulting to jeans and flats.

Remember I only actually chose 32 items as I left a spare hanger in case I found I needed something (either new or from my boxed-up spares). I haven’t needed anything else, which is nice. I’ve dipped into my excluded items for a dress for my best friend’s 30th (I allowed myself special occasion outfits as planned cheats) but apart from that I haven’t even been tempted by the rest of my wardrobe.

I’ve had a couple of casualties, though. My grey boots have an irreparable hole in them (womp womp womp). I’ll replace them with some similar boots that I already own, but they are not as versatile (not appropriate for work, for example) which is a pity but I only need to survive another eight weeks. My handbag was already in shabby condition but the daily use has tipped it over into bag lady territory. I spotted my dream handbag (which also doubles as a camera & laptop bag) at 50% off so I snapped it up.

In short, I’m loving it so far!


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Why don't you... have breakfast in bed

Nothing says a lazy weekend at home like having breakfast in bed. If it’s still school holidays where you are, make the most of the break from the frenzy of weekend kids’ sports and enjoy a slow morning in bed.

Make mine a latte, please!

So this weekend, why don’t you have breakfast in bed?

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Why don't you... get rid of any less than fab clothes

You know the ones I mean. The I-wish-they-still-fit jeans, the seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time top, the you’ll-totally-be-able-to-wear-it-again bridesmaid dress, the bumps-in-all-the-wrong-places bra.

Not only are they taking up precious wardrobe real estate, they make you feel bad – and who needs that? They make you feel guilty for the money you spent on something you never wear, they make you feel terrible that you’re not that size any more, they make you feel frumpy or uncomfortable if you do wear them.

I know when I open my closet I want it to consist of outfits that make me feel fabulous. The solution to that is not to go out and buy more fabulous clothes, it’s to get rid of anything that’s less-than-fabulous so that your wardrobe is 100% wearable.

So this weekend, why don’t you go through your wardrobe and get rid of any less-than-fab clothes?

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I’ve already shown you my newly-organised underwear drawer so why not keep on with the intimate drawer trend?

The top drawer of my bedside table had become a bit of a catch-all. Over the years it had attracted enough hand lotion for a (well-groomed) army, two unused alarm clocks, notebooks, pens, batteries, half a dozen sets of earplugs, miscellaneous medications and other paraphernalia.

Five minutes later I had cleaned out the junk and was left with only what should be there. Namely: my epilator, phone charger, sleeping mask, earplugs, morning tablets, a single bottle of hand lotion, chapstick, aircon remote and body lotion. You will also notice I wasn’t kidding in this post when I referred to my lifetime supply of perfume.

You can’t beat a quick and easy drawer makeover for some organising instant gratification.

Which drawer in your house has you cringing at the clutter whenever you open it?

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Guest picks: bedside tables

Since it’s Bedroom Month, I thought I’d tie in this month’s Houzz Guest Picks with the theme.

Click over to read the full post!

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jewellery box

Well, this turns out not to be much of a ‘before & after’ since the before photo file was corrupted (grr!), but you can see a peek in the corner of this pic.

I took my childhood jewellery box (a sixth birthday gift from my late grandparents) and gave it a few coats of paint and varnish to give it a fresh look. The aqua paint ties into my new throw rug and was already on hand, making it a free project (gotta love that).

Sure, it may still have a ballerina inside, but at least it looks a bit more grown up on the outside.

Have you got any decor items from your childhood that you’ve given new life?

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Organised jewellery drawer

After last week’s blush-worthy drawer makeover, here’s a less intimate organising project.

The top drawer of my dressing table is where I store the rest of my bling that isn’t suitable to hang on my jewellery rack.

As you can see from the top photo, I was already separating some of the jewellery using cheap plastic trays but the headbands, fascinators and other miscellaneous objects (my lifetime supply of my favourite discontinued perfume, for example) were all floating around in the other half of the drawer. The trays worked really well for the chunkier items such as bangles and necklaces but smaller items such as earrings and brooches could easily get lost or damaged.

(For eagle eyes who have spotted my embarrassingly juvenile jewellery box, that will be the subject of another project coming up soon.)

Organised jewellery drawer

I picked up this tray from Howard’s Storage World which was perfect to organise all the smaller sparkly things. I love the adjustable dividers to customise the spaces and the sliding tray on top to provide extra room.

Organised jewellery drawer

Meanwhile the existing trays work well for the larger pieces like hair accessories. Boxed pieces and gloves easily fit into the gaps around the edges.

I love that the like-items are all kept together now so it’s really easy to find what I need. Plus the smaller compartments mean no more losing those itty bitty gems.

How do you store your jewellery: hanging out in the open or hidden in drawers?

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This post is sponsored by Target.

bedroom update

So we haven’t painted the bedroom as discussed (yet) but I did do a mini update on the weekend.

It’s always nice to freshen up your linens with the change of season, don’t you think? Not only are you likely to be nesting down for the cooler months but the stocktake sales are on so it’s the perfect time to update those faded, threadbare sheets.

bedroom update

We still love our quilt cover,  but the mattress protector was literally falling to pieces so I picked up a nice thick Target mattress protector to replace it. The previous one had the elastic straps at the corners which never kept it in place so the new one is fitted so it doesn’t bunch up underneath the sheets.

bedroom update

The sheets, which had been purchased to go with a different quilt cover, were off-white so I also grabbed a crisp white Target Essentials sheet set. Such a simple update but I feel like I’m staying in a swanky hotel!

bedroom update

The nights have been getting very chilly (just ask The Man who has to deal with my freezing cold feet) so a colourful chenille throw rug was a much-needed addition to cosy up the bed. I love the bright aqua which ties into the colour of the existing quilt cover and cushion.

bedroom update

Finally, I had my eye on Betsy‘s retro style but when I spotted this funky lamp (sorry, no link available) I changed my mind. The Man loves it too and he couldn’t believe it when I told him it wasn’t from some trendy designer boutique.

Next weekend I think I need to schedule some me time curling up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

I adore fresh, clean bedding as a little everyday feeling of indulgence. How about you?

What are your tips for small changes that seem much more luxurious than they cost? Share them in the comments!

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Underwear drawer before & after

I can’t believe I’m actually publishing this.

But I know how much you love a good organising before & after so I am putting aside all modesty (sorry Mum) and sharing my newly organised smalls drawer with you. The things we do for blogging!

It’s only a little drawer of my bedside table and it was so overflowing so badly I could barely close it. I chucked out anything that didn’t pass the ambulance test (you know how your mother always told you to wear your good undies just in case…) which immediately gave me more space but it was still a total jumble.

I took out the tights and pantyhose as they kept getting snagged on the wood (I’m bad enough causing runs with my fingernails and jewellery so I don’t need my storage to add to the problem!). They’re now being stored in a spare tote bag but I may think of another more permanent solution.

I then used one of these drawer dividers to easily separate the socks and undies – no more rummaging around to find the pair you’re looking for.

It’s the small things, right?

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Have you ever had a decorating epiphany?

Sure, I often get ideas for the house but they’re usually after the realisation that there is actually something wrong with the space, followed by careful consideration. It’s never before come as a bolt out of nowhere.

The other day I walked into our bedroom – which I had not even been considering redecorating – and it hit me: These walls should be navy.

It came totally out of nowhere and now every time I’m in there I think, yep, this would look so much better in blue. With gold accents please.

I still really like the actual wall colour we chose – and I adore how dark it is – but now I think it’s a bit too much brown with all the timber furniture and brown curtains. I’m not in love with our bedroom furniture (the bed in particular I would definitely not choose now) but I think the honey tones would look lovely against a dark blue wall.


I have zero time to repaint right now (The Man doesn’t even know I’m considering this – um, surprise!) but I can’t shake the idea. It wouldn’t take nearly as long as it took to paint the first time because the hard work (surface prep, ceilings, trim) is still all fine.

Apart from the effort involved, my other hesitation is that I’m worried it’s a bit much colour since most of the house is bright green. In the not-too-distant future we will be moving on from this house and I was conscious of trying to give the whole house a more neutral and cohesive colour palette – not less!

The photos above are from a little while ago (too dark to take photos right now) but apart from switching up a couple of accessories it looks the same now.

So what do you think? Am I crazy to be considering repainting a room that we only painted a couple of years ago or do you reckon I should go for it?

And if the latter: what do you think of my colour choice?


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