Vintage camera print

Some months back, I shared with you this Design Editor free printable art (via How About Orange) and I even mentioned that it was the perfect art for me.

It’s taken all this time for it to dawn on me that I did actually have a spot for it and should use it.

I already had the frame and the printing only cost a few dollars at Officeworks (since it only needs black ink and basic paper it was super cheap). It’s now happily hanging by the bed.

Have you created or used any (nearly) free artwork lately?



Akimbo clay ring bowl

Oo, boy! I’ve been waiting to share this one with you for a while. So happy it’s finally seeing the light of day!

I created it for a wedding shoot to be used as a ring bearer bowl, but the rest of us can use it as a catch-all for our jewellery or keys. It would make a make a great handmade Christmas gift too!

Get the how-to here.

Photography: Shona Henderson Photography
Styling: ByGabrielle
Ring: The Vintage Bride

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I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s not uncommon for my dresser to look something like this:

clothes clean out 1

Putting away clothes has always been my organising ‘weakest link’. But I find that it becomes so much more of a challenge I avoid it like the plague as soon as there is no room to actually put things away. I certainly haven’t been on any sprees but  the gradual build up of clothes that occurs when you don’t regularly go through them meant that I literally could not fit all of my clothes away at once.

I spotted an ad for a community clothes swap at a nearby library which gave me the motivation to do a big purge. Without much effort, I quickly filled three garbage bags with unwanted clothes, shoes, jewellery and bags. Add to that a couple of binfuls of items that were too worn to donate.

clothes clean out 2

Before you say, ‘What’s the point of swapping your clothes because you’ll still end up with an overflowing closet?’ I was never intending to come home with as many items as I left with. Anything that was left over was donated to charity, which is where my unwanted clothes normally wind up anyway.

Along with the pleasure of being able to close my drawers again, I now have a new winter jacket, pretty pink dress, cute cardi, a couple of versatile basic tees, a cosy knitted jumper and even a perfect pair of jeans… all without spending a cent!

Do you have anything like this in your area? I admit it was a little odd seeing other girls looking through and talking about my clothes, but all in all I think it’s a great idea and it worked out well for me.

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moulding as shoe rack

If you have a walk-in robe or dressing room, well screw you I mean lucky you.

Amp up the glamour and storage by picture rail or using cornice moulding as shoe racks.

From House to Home.


I was intending to do a post on doors upcycled for various uses… until I found like a hundred great examples just for headboards so I figured it deserved its own post.
Door headboard 3
Dreamy Whites via HGTV

Door headboard 1 Door headboard 2
Fresh Home Ideas | Better Homes & Gardens via Apartment Therapy

Door headboard 4
Under the Sycamore via Design*Sponge

Door headboard 5
Sherry Hart Designs
via Emily A. Clark

Door headboard 6
Birdhouse Interior Design

Door headboard 7
Hus & Hem via Remodelista

Door headboard 21
A Pair of Pears

Door headboard 9
House Beautiful

Door headboard 10

Door headboard 11
Daisy Woodworks

Door headboard 13 Door headboard 18
Country Living | Better Homes & Gardens

Door headboard 14

Door headboard 15
Cluck Cluck Sew

Door headboard 16

Door headboard 20
Studio 30:31
via Design*Sponge

Door headboard 22
Dirt Cheap Decor

Door headboard 23
Do it Yourself

I’ll tell ya what, if my bed didn’t already have a headboard I’d be scouring the roadside for an old door straight away.

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organised closet organised closet

Domino via Apartment Therapy

Have you ever come home from shopping with a new item only to realise you have something almost identical already in your wardrobe?

You probably already keep your pants separate from your tops, but go one step further and organise them by sub-categories of length, occasion and colour. A quick scan before your shopping expedition will show you that, no, you really don’t need yet another purple sweater. You’ll probably find you’ll save not only wardrobe space but money too.

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As the temperature drops, I find myself wanting to cosy up our nest with touchy-feely details. Topping the list is (faux) fur.

Obsess & Inspire - Furry accents

Sources from top: House to Home | Design*Sponge | Young House Love | Design*Sponge | Mimi and Meg

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glass candelabra

As you may have noticed, we haven’t done too many big projects on the house lately.

But there have been a few small additions, like this candlestick. The shape is much more formal and traditional than I’d normally like, but the glass makes it so much more modern, don’t you think? It makes a nice little touch to my quite girly dresser.

tallboy before 2

On the other side of the bedroom, we’ve replaced the chunky old CD player…

tallboy after

…with a compact new iPod dock. We already had a dock actually, which we use frequently when entertaining outside, but for the bedroom we wanted one with a radio and alarm clock. Apart from being a lot sleeker in appearance, I love that it is so much smaller and less intrusive.

felt table runner

For downstairs, I scored this fantastic laser cut felt table runner for $2 and the local bargain shop! It really dresses up the table without getting in the way.

matryoshka measuring cups

I had been eyeing off these cute matryoshka doll measuring cups since they came out a couple of years ago but could never really justify the purchase for myself. Imagine my surprise when my friend gave them to me for my birthday! How did she know? They are the perfect addition to the new kitchen shelf.

What are your latest fave finds?

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I’ve had this incredible room (originally found on Design*Sponge) in my inspiration files for the longest time but I could never seem to fit it into my posting schedule. The Before & After project I had planned to post is taking a little longer than expected (don’t they always?) so I thought I’d bring this makeover into the daylight at long last. Roll up and enjoy!

Circus bedroom before

Circus bedroom after1

Circus bedroom after2

Circus bedroom after3

Holy awesome, right? It was created by stylist Kate Dixon and photographed by Jackson Visuals for a concept home so sadly there was no lucky little ringleader able to live here, but it’s still fantastic inspiration.

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Hi, my name is Alicia and I’m addicted to dangly earrings.

When I still lived at home, I stuck a couple of cork tiles (leftover from a reno project of my parents – forgive them, it was the 80s) inside my wardrobe doors and arranged my earrings with pins. In our home now, though, we have a built-in wardrobe so there was no door to utilise, which left my lovely sparkly things in a tangled mess in a drawer, prone to being lost, forgotten or damaged. It is, however, very deep which left loads of unused space on the wall inside.

jewellery rack

I screwed eye-hooks straight into the wall by hand (after making a pilot hole with a metal skewer) and strung picture wire between them, wrapping the end back around itself to secure. Let’s just pretend that the critical part is in focus in the next shot, mkay?

jewellery rack 2

It’s perfect for light jewellery such as earrings and chains, but I still keep bangles and chunky necklaces in my dresser drawer. The project cost only small change… which means more money to spend on jewellery.

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