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What does Atypical Type A mean?

I am part rule-breaking creative (‘Atypical’) and part perfectionist list-maker (‘Type A’). Thus, this blog is where pretty meets practical.

Where are you based?

I’m based in sunny Adelaide, Australia.

Tell us about The Man!

The Man is my bloggy nickname for my wonderful husband Ryan. He is the tech-whiz / handyman without whom this blog would not be possible.

What do you do when you’re not decorating/crafting/blogging?

I am a graphic designer with my own stationery business Akimbo.

Lovely home! Can I get a tour?

Sure, welcome! Step inside and look around!

I can’t work out how all the rooms in your home are laid out – do you have a floorplan I can see?

Yep, there is a floorplan on the house tour page, just keeeep scrolling to the bottom.

What are the paint colours that you’ve used in your home?

You can find my list of paint colours here (please note they are Australian brands).

Where did you get that lamp/rug/table?

Check out my source list.

Where do you shop for your furniture and homewares?

You can find a selection of my favourite shops here.

Gyprock? Putty? Cornices? What on earth are you talking about, woman?!

Some Australian terms for home-related things differ from the terms in North America where most of my readers are. To clear the confusion, here is a nifty glossary for your reference.

Nice photos! What camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS 600D for the photography you see on this site. Here is my full rundown of my photography essentials.

What’s with the sponsored posts?

I love love love writing Atypical Type A and sharing projects with my lovely readers. The boring reality, though, is that maintaining a DIY blog takes a considerable amount of resources and takes time away from my paid work. Working with sponsors enables me to dedicate time and money to producing quality content for you (and sometimes giveaways for you guys too!). You can read more about my editorial policy here.

Who created your kick-arse site?

Thanks! I’m a graphic designer so I designed it myself and had it brought to life by Zoe Rooney. You find the full site credits here.

I need more Atypical Type A in my life!

Aww, I want to hang out with you too! You can subscribe to the blog posts and follow me on Facebook + Twitter Pinterest + Instagram.


If you still have a question, feel free to email me at hi@atypicaltypea.com!


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