Here in Australia we’re familiar with American terms and spelling, but I am aware that the reverse isn’t always true. Since I don’t want my international readers to wonder what the hell I’m talking about, I have put together a little glossary for you, concentrating on terms that come up in the interiors world.

If I’ve used any terms you’re not familiar with (due to location or any other reason), please don’t hesitate to ask.Oh, and if I’ve totally got my translation wrong, please correct me!

Australia US
putty spackle
toilet half-bath
ensuite master bath
laundry laundry room
plasterboard / Gyprock (brand) drywall
flat / unit / apartment apartment / condo
settlement closing out
deposit downpayment
tiles tile
cornice crown molding
acrylic / water-based paint latex paint
rug area rug
modular sofa sectional sofa

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