Obsess & Inspire - Confetti System

Decorations in a vintage colour palette with plenty of sparkle? Why, that must be Confetti System of course.


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Apparently I have a dream kitchen.

I knew I had preferences, sure, but I didn’t realise how specific my ideal kitchen was until I was looking back over my Pinterest and discovered that the kitchens I’d pinned all. looked. the same.

Obsess & Inspire - Dream kitchen

Cote de Texas | Number 19 | Style at Home | Kitchenism

Traditional white cabinetry? Check. Dark timber floors? Check. Lab sink? Check. Industrial details? Check.

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 Obsess & Inspire - Penguin Threads

Being bombarded daily with beautiful images from design blogs can leave you a bit blasè to everything after a while. But then you come across something so incredible it stops you in your tracks.

These Penguin Threads Classics covers, featuring the stunning embroidery of illustrator Jillian Tamaki, fall squarely into that category.

Do yourself a favour and head over to Jillian’s blog to see the full wraparound covers.

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I’m working on a lace-themed wedding invitation for a client at the moment. As is the way, I’m now seeing gorgeous, contemporary interpretations of lace popping up all over the place. 

Obsess & Inspire - Lace

From top: Carrie storage/bicycle basket from Fjorn Scandanavian | Beautiful textured dishes from the appropriately-named Lace Pottery | Metal lace pendant light from Bernabei Freeman | Crochet side table by Marcel Wanders | Home Goods vase spotted on Bliss Bloom | Mini bird dish by Prince Design UK.

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Obsess & Inspire - Gregory Thielker paintings

What’s so exciting about pictures of rain on windows? Um, only that these are painted. Wow, that’s what I call photorealism.

Paintings by Gregory Thielker found on Benign Objects.

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 Obsess & Inspire - Tord Boontje

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do an Obsess & Inspire feature on Tord Boontje – what a travesty. The London-based Dutch designer has won hearts the world over with his iconic, whimsical laser-cut designs.

I adore the feather-like shape of the Icarus light… but is it just me or does the spiky-at-the-top and long-at-the-back arrangement look disturbingly like a mullet?

(Sorry, Tord, we still love you.)

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Obsess & Inspire - Tad Carpenter

I know, I know, another Obsess & Inspire about funky illustrated screenprinted music posters. Will you let me off if I tell you that the super talented designer Tad Carpenter also illustrates greeting cards, advertisements, awesome prints for kids’ rooms and even snowboards? 

See more examples of his quirky characters and fun hand-lettering on his blog.


Obsess & Inspire - Samantha Robinson

Every home or gift shop you walk into has dozens of vases, and they’re generally nice but after a while you start to think, meh, they’re all looking like they were churned out of the same factory.

Then an artisan like Samantha Robinson comes along and makes you sit up and take notice of ceramics again. I’m always so happy when an independent Australian artist or designer makes it big, and that’s exactly what Samantha has done, with her intricately-patterned handmade porcelain pieces being picked up by US style giant Anthropologie.

The only question is, how to choose your favourite? Is it a delicate cylinder vase that looks like a sketch on a rolled sheet of paper, the belly bowls cast from pregnant women or the summery watermelon bowls?

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Obsess & Inspire - Donna WilsonI’ve long been a fan of Scottish designer Donna Wilson‘s illustrated character Meg (that’s her on the plate). Now I see she has a boyfriend, Beardy Bob, and some furry friends as well as lots of other cheerful products.

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Obsess & Inspire - Dan Stiles

Clearly I have a bit of a thing for screenprinted gig posters (Exhibit A and B). The latest example is Dan Stiles, who has been designing and printing limited edition band posters for over 15 years.

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