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Regency it's about time card

Way back when, I shared with you the then new Regency greeting cards. This cheeky engagement card was my favourite of the lot, so when I recently added wedding invitations to the collection, I couldn’t help but making this into an engagement party invitation.

Regency engagement invitation

Regency engagement invitation 2

Find out more here.


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A week before our wedding, my brother Liam proposed to his lovely girlfriend Jane. Another wedding in the family, yay!

Liam & Jane's engagement invitation 1

Liam & Jane's engagement invitation 2

They are a laid-back, outdoorsy couple so they didn’t want anything too fussy or lovey-dovey. The retro paisley-style tree suits the Autumn theme nicely, and didn’t they choose a great quote?

I intend to develop this into a full wedding/party invitation suite later in the year, but if anyone is interested in ordering this style before then I’m happy to oblige (just drop me a line).

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Oberon invitation suite 1

I was recently asked to contribute the stationery for an incredible collaboration (as you may already know if you follow Akimbo on Facebook or Twitter). I’ll discuss that in all its amazing detail on Wednesday, but for now I’m thrilled to reveal the stationery.

Oberon invitation suite 2

I have seriously never been so excited about a new product. Paper schmaper, this baby is printed on wood, people.

Oberon envelope 1

Oberon RSVP 2

Oberon map 1

Oberon map 3

I’ve been dying to do both a veneer invitation and an illustrated map, and this collection’s got the delicious double-whammy.

Oberon save the date 2

Oberon menu 2

Oberon program 3

Oberon program 2

The inspiration board and brief I was given for this project reminded me of the dreamy yet playful forest scenes in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With that in mind, I have named the collection Oberon, after Shakespeare’s famous king of the fairies. (Wouldn’t my year 10 drama teacher be proud?)

Check back in later in the week to see the full photo shoot that this was produced for, as well as a matching DIY project.

Until then, you can find details of the stationery products here.

Thanks to the always generous Sally at Poppies Flowers for providing the props and flowers.

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The alphabet prints were not the only new addition to Akimbo’s Regency collection: there’s now a full range of wedding invitations and day-of stationery!

Regency bicycle wedding invitation

How fun is the penny farthing illustration? It would be perfect for a vintage-inspired affair.

Regency RSVP 1

Regency RSVP 2

One of my favourite ways to personalise invitations is to make the RSVPs a bit more interactive, like this fill-in-the-blank story.

Regency save the date

I prefer save the dates that don’t totally give away the design of the invitation, so this one is purely typographic.

Regency thank you note

There’s only so many times you can show a bicycle in your wedding stationery without the theme being complete overkill, so the reception details are in the same style but with varying illustrations.

Regency menu

Regency seating chart

If bikes aren’t your thing, there are two other designs to choose from.

Regency shell wedding invitation

The shell version is perfect for your beach wedding, while the daffodil would be lovely for a garden or spring celebration.

Regency daffodil invitation

If those motifs still don’t float your boat, I have tons more on file (email me for more details).

Browse the full collection here.

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I am excited to announce that Akimbo is branching out into art prints!

First out of the gate is this alphabet print in the Regency collection. They would be perfect for a nursery (baby shower gift, anyone?) but aren’t so cutesy that they couldn’t be displayed elsewhere in the home.

It comes unframed but is designed to fit a 40x50cm Ikea Ribba frame as shown in the picture.

Regency alphabet print detail

Available in Blue/Olive and Pink/Lime, you can get yours here.

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So I’ve been teasing you over the last couple of weeks with peeks of my new collection. I’ve shown you the party invitations, a mood board and some fun projects. Today it’s finally time to show you the whole shebang!

There’s a lot of rustic, handmade and vintage-inspired invitation options out there at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I adore all that. But I figured there were a decent proportion of brides who didn’t dig that style and would love to see some glam, modern alternatives. So I created the Martini collection, inspired by cocktails and city lights.

Martini foil detail

To really make it special, it’s foil-stamped onto super-thick black card. I just love how the foil catches the light and gives a beautiful shimmery effect. (Please note the other items on this page are printed digitally as they’re just samples but above is a close-up of what the actual foiling looks like.)

Pre- and post-wedding stationery is covered…

Martini place card

…as well as the big day itself.

It would be perfect for an urban loft wedding, especially one with a cocktail reception… and dancing all night!

Keen to see more? Check out the full range here.

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Wedding Invitation Ideas p1

Morning, all. I hope you all (especially the mothers among you) had a special weekend.

Last week Kristen of Invitation Crush launched the debut Wedding Invitation Ideas lookbook, an inspiring e-book chock full of amazing wedding stationery. I am thrilled to announce that four of my designs are included! It features designs from the world’s leading stationery designers so I am honoured to be in their company.

Wedding Invitation Ideas p22-23
Page 22: Laundromat invitation | Page 23: Sweet Home invitation

Wedding Invitation Ideas p28-29
Page 29: Dewey save the date

Wedding Invitation Ideas p48-49
Page 48: Mod Poppies invitation

As if that wasn’t enough great press in one week, my Flick save the dates were included in Shop Til You Drop‘s princess-themed roundup (for Grace Kelly if you can’t work out the connection!).

STYD Princess 1

STYD Princess 2

Thank you so much to Kristen from Invitation Crush and Lisa from Shop Til You Drop for sharing my work with your readers.

While I’m banging on about it, I might as well remind you about the birthday sale (it’s not for the products you see above, the 20% off is only available on custom jobs).

Akimbo birthday sale

Check out examples of my work or drop me a line to enquire or place your order.

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I used my business card to illustrate my very first post. I wouldn’t normally advocate DIYing your business cards, but at the time I launched Akimbo I was only a few months away from getting married so I didn’t want to go to the expense of producing a small amount of cards that I’d soon have to replace once my name changed.

So the first post-honeymoon job for work was to have them re-done professionally. Since I was now having them die-cut, I could also make the flap rounder and more like an envelope.

Akimbo business cards

Akimbo business cards

I’ve kept the Akimbo branding quite simple – predominantly black and white with yellow highlights – so it’s quite versatile and never overshadows the products. Business cards, though, are generally seen in isolation so I could have a bit of fun with them by adding bright, patterned fabric.

Akimbo Oh Hello Deer postcard

Akimbo Oh Hello Deer postcard

I like to put in a note with my customer orders, but a with compliments slip seemed awfully corporate for what I do. A postcard seemed much more appropriate and can also be used as a fun freebie. I designed this one based on my Regency collection.

Who knew promo could be so cute?

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Kick-arse wedding stationery e-book ad

In my line of work as a stationery designer, I get a lot of questions from brides who love the idea of having beautiful, unique wedding invitations but have no idea how to go about it. Some of them are intimidated by the printing jargon, confused about how the process works or simply don’t know where to start.

With that in mind, I’ve created a free e-book to guide couples through the process, step-by-step. It’s chock full of expert advice and practical tips, plus worksheets and checklists to keep your planning on track.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that e-book: How to get kick-arse wedding stationery.

Click to get yours now!

Note: the e-book is scheduled to be sent 24 hours after registration, thanks in advance for your patience.

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Alicia & Ryan wedding program 1

My favourite part of graphic design is coming up with a concept and running with it. For our wedding ceremony programs, for example, I went with a book style since we were getting married in a library.

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Remember the cameos from our thank you notes? This is where they came from:

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

The glossary, in particular, was really fun to write and the guests seemed to enjoy it. If you’d like to read it, click on image to open in a new page, then click again to view at full size. If you’re curious as to some of the references, feel free to ask and I’m happy to explain the significance.

Here’s the whole thing from start to finish:

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

Alicia & Ryan wedding program

‘Then. Now. Forever.’ has become a bit of a motto for our marriage. It’s also the message engraved in our rings.

I had a lot of fun adding all the little touches to make it look genuine Victorian book layout. I especially love that we (and our families) have a keepsake of our vows and readings.

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