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jewellery box

Well, this turns out not to be much of a ‘before & after’ since the before photo file was corrupted (grr!), but you can see a peek in the corner of this pic.

I took my childhood jewellery box (a sixth birthday gift from my late grandparents) and gave it a few coats of paint and varnish to give it a fresh look. The aqua paint ties into my new throw rug and was already on hand, making it a free project (gotta love that).

Sure, it may still have a ballerina inside, but at least it looks a bit more grown up on the outside.

Have you got any decor items from your childhood that you’ve given new life?


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Organised jewellery drawer

After last week’s blush-worthy drawer makeover, here’s a less intimate organising project.

The top drawer of my dressing table is where I store the rest of my bling that isn’t suitable to hang on my jewellery rack.

As you can see from the top photo, I was already separating some of the jewellery using cheap plastic trays but the headbands, fascinators and other miscellaneous objects (my lifetime supply of my favourite discontinued perfume, for example) were all floating around in the other half of the drawer. The trays worked really well for the chunkier items such as bangles and necklaces but smaller items such as earrings and brooches could easily get lost or damaged.

(For eagle eyes who have spotted my embarrassingly juvenile jewellery box, that will be the subject of another project coming up soon.)

Organised jewellery drawer

I picked up this tray from Howard’s Storage World which was perfect to organise all the smaller sparkly things. I love the adjustable dividers to customise the spaces and the sliding tray on top to provide extra room.

Organised jewellery drawer

Meanwhile the existing trays work well for the larger pieces like hair accessories. Boxed pieces and gloves easily fit into the gaps around the edges.

I love that the like-items are all kept together now so it’s really easy to find what I need. Plus the smaller compartments mean no more losing those itty bitty gems.

How do you store your jewellery: hanging out in the open or hidden in drawers?

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This post is sponsored by Target.

handbag before

Um, yes, so this attractive display is my seen-better-days handbag and its contents in all their glory.

It was a bit of a lucky dip. You might find ten pens/lipsticks/hairties or you might find none! Plus tissues (used? unused? can’t tell), earrings, loose change, shopping lists on scraps of paper, receipts from a year ago…

Yikes, no wonder I couldn’t find anything in there.

I had been wanting to replace a couple of my existing handbags – including the one above – because they were totally worn out (it doesn’t look that bad in the pic but trust me, it was looking very daggy in the flesh leather vinyl).

handbag organiser

What I didn’t want was for it to end up in the same mess, so I went and picked up a nifty handbag organiser from the storage department at Target. I also picked out this gorgeous red handbag (totally loving their range of women’s accessories that are on sale right now).

It’s a bit hard to see inside the depths of the black organiser, so here’s what’s in there now:

handbag contents

A few changes I made to keep things neat:

  • I switched the loose tissues for a packet (no more scrunched-up questionable looking new tissues).
  • I use a notebook to list errands to run / things to buy and tear out the page when I’m done (paper scraps be gone!).
  • I’ve since started using this so I only need to carry a tiny stash of emergency lady things (can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet).
  • I’ve been better about taking out receipts (and either discarding them or saving a photo of it to Evernote).

Apart from keeping everything compartmentalised, the other obvious benefit is being able to simply plonk the insert into another handbag. Because I am way too lazy to transfer all of my daily essentials between bags for the sake of fashion.

handbag after

The bag itself is super roomy; I’ve even thrown my camera in there when I didn’t want to take my whole camera bag. Plus I’ve had heaps of compliments on it which is a bonus!

What are your tips for an organised handbag?

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I apologise for the title. I really do. Hearing people say ‘totes’ is like nails on a blackboard for me.

In this case, however, I am taking about actual totes.

Camera totes to be precise.

Jo Totes camera bag

(Apologies for the horrid grainy photos – I obviously had to dust off the ol’ point and shoot to take these photos.)

I’m not sure if I’ve even told you this but The Man and I are heading off overseas for five weeks this summer (HOORAY!).

I love travel photography, but I’m a bit of a princess and find all the paraphenalia frankly a bit annoying. I have a second lens but I never use it because I hate lugging it around, so I take the compact camera bag instead of the bigger one with room for the extra lens (then I’ll be taking a snap and go ‘Ugh, I wish I had my telephoto with me’). I also find it inconvenient to carry around a camera bag as well as a backpack or handbag.

Plus – you know me – I’m all about the functional but there’s no reason why it can’t look good too!

Jo Totes camera bag

Enter Jo Totes.

I had been coveting this baby for awhile now so I was very excited to unwrap it on my birthday recently (thanks to my parents and in-laws).

I looove how I can fit my camera and spare lens(es) all safe and sound between the padded dividers and there’s still room for my wallet/sunnies/cardi/whatever. There’s even a secret pocket at the back for my iPad as well as pockets at the front for the usual out-and-about essentials. I also like how it doesn’t scream ‘I AM A TOURIST AND I AM CARRYING LOTS OF VALUABLE EQUIPMENT’.

OK now I just sound like an ad I know, but seriously Betsy is going to be my new best travel buddy. The Man also gave me an iPad camera connector so I will be able to upload photos on the go.

Now I’m all set for blogging anywhere in the world!

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Young Republic

Have you heard of Young Republic? It’s a hot new marketplace for quirky and innovative fashion, jewellery and homewares. There are several sites worldwide and I’m pleased to say that Akimbo has a shopfront on the Australian version. Go on and check it out!

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As the temperature drops, I find myself wanting to cosy up our nest with touchy-feely details. Topping the list is (faux) fur.

Obsess & Inspire - Furry accents

Sources from top: House to Home | Design*Sponge | Young House Love | Design*Sponge | Mimi and Meg

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Atypical Type A - Flowergirl hair clips 1

Check out my latest guest post on Polka Dot Made: flowergirl hair clips.

Read the full post.

In other news, I’m excited to announce that I’m about to launch my first e-book! It’s all about wedding invitations and it will be completely free. Check back in next week for the official launch.

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Shoe with brooch S

My latest DIY project is up at Polka Dot Made. Today I share seven ways to transform a plain pair of heels into special occasion head-turners using inexpensive materials.

Head over there to read the full post.

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 Obsess & Inspire - Tord Boontje

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do an Obsess & Inspire feature on Tord Boontje – what a travesty. The London-based Dutch designer has won hearts the world over with his iconic, whimsical laser-cut designs.

I adore the feather-like shape of the Icarus light… but is it just me or does the spiky-at-the-top and long-at-the-back arrangement look disturbingly like a mullet?

(Sorry, Tord, we still love you.)

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Obsess & Inspire - Donna WilsonI’ve long been a fan of Scottish designer Donna Wilson‘s illustrated character Meg (that’s her on the plate). Now I see she has a boyfriend, Beardy Bob, and some furry friends as well as lots of other cheerful products.

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