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Today’s Obsess & Inspire feature is donning the cork hat to celebrate Australia Day.

Obsess & Inspire - Australia Day edition
Amazingly intricate cut paper map of Sydney by Studio KMO | Fun retro kangaroo notebook from Our Workshop | Cushion Temple puts some green & gold in your decor | Delicate watercolour and calligraphy egg print by Cake With Giants | Moofus captures the fun and colour of a famous landmark


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Happy Australia Day pies

Mary & Gabrielle featured this stylish Australia Day lunch shot by Katie Quinn Davies for Real Living before I had a chance to get my hot little hands on the issue. Pies and sauce never looked so good! See the whole shebang here.

I’m signing off for the rest of the day to go and have me some sunshine, bevvies and a pie or two to celebrate Oz Day. Have a good one!

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Upon seeing this gorgeous dessert buffet that Mary of Mary & Gabrielle Events did for an Australia Day party this year, my thought process went something like this:

1. My penmanship clearly doesn’t translate to icing biscuits.

2. Good work on choosing mini lamingtons. Far superior chocolate-to-sponge ratio than regular lammos.

3. Who the hell has that many cake stands? Amy Atlas, put your hand down. Anyone else?

No? Well Mary doesn’t either. Her sneaky trick is to simply arrange your sweet treats on a regular ol’ plate and pop an upside-down bowl underneath to raise it up.

So if you were lusting after one of the beauties in yesterday’s cake stand roundup but can’t justify the expense or cupboard space for something you will use maybe once a year, remember you have the makings of one already.

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