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Votives before

We were given some fun, brightly coloured tealight holders as a housewarming gift. I do like a nice bright colour here and there, but a whole bunch of them together I found difficult to work into our decor and as cute as they were I was never quite sure what to do with them.

Votives during

Fast forward to last Christmas when I received a whole box full of craft supplies from my in laws (squeal!) including a silver leaf pen. I was itching to do something with it but couldn’t work out what, until I remembered the candle holders.

Votives after

As you can see, they’re more of a satin metallic rather than a true silver foil like the vase, but that’s fine. I think the pen is designed for small embellishments not to cover large areas like this so you’d definitely achieve a better finish by using actual leaf. But for ten minutes’ work and zero dollars I’m happy with the result. I think they’ll prove much more versatile now.

Akimbo birthday sale

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