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Akimbo Clever Hello Club

How are we today, friends? I’m still recovering from my huge weekend at Bowerbird Bazaar – no stamina now since I turned 29 on Saturday ūüėČ

I wanted to tell you about an awesome project I’ve been working on and have just released. Called the Clever Hello Club, it’s a greeting card subscription service where you receive two of my Akimbo cards each month.

Some will be seasonal and others will be for life’s occasions, both big and little. I love having a stash of cards ready to go for any occasion because I hate that last-minute dash to the shops before a party, don’t you?

You can choose from either a 6 or 12 month subscription for yourself or as a gift (ahemmothersdayahem). And because I know you’re spread all over the world, I’m not charging any more for international shipping (you can’t say I don’t look after you!).

I’m currently taking orders for the first shipment which will go out in June. Join us in the Clever Hello Club!


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Escort flags 1

If you’re dreaming of this collection for your beach wedding, you’ll love these cute escort flags.

How to make them?

Start by downloading the file and the font and type in your guests’ names. Then simply print, trim and secure to a toothpick or skewer using double-sided tape.

For the sand box, line the inside to stop leaks, then cut a piece of foam to snugly fit inside. Cover with a thin layer of sand and arrange the flags by sticking the point into the foam.

Escort flags 2

Photography: Luke Simon Photography
Styling: Mary & Gabrielle Events
Props: Poppies Flowers

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Hands up who keeps greeting cards they receive? I definitely don’t keep them all (ugh, clutter!) but I do keep cards that have particularly sentimental messages, great design, were handmade¬†or were for extra special occasions. laundry; art; artwork; reuse; repurpose; recycle; upcycle; DIY; make; easy; project; cheap; budget; free; frame; clip frame; greeting card; personalized; personalised;

This card, made by a dear friend for The Man and I for our engagement,¬†falls under all of those categories. I just love how she’s added our initials to the design. Certainly one of the perks of being a designer is that I’ve made a lot of wonderfully talented friends!

card artwork

If you haven’t¬†got any frame-worthy cards sitting in your memory box you can still achieve a similar look. Find a piece of pretty wrapping paper, take an abstract photo¬†or cut a fun pattern out of a magazine and add your personalised text using Letraset (you can find this at graphic arts supplies¬†or scrapbooking stores).

Tiny Space card

That’s not the only cheap-but-meaningful greeting card art around our place. This cute illustration is actually an oversized greeting card purchased while on our recent¬†New Zealand trip. I was running out of unused frames lying around so I simply used a bulldog clip instead.

framed bonjour card

The final example is one of my own designs, a letterpressed calligraphy greeting card. I think the sentiment is ideal considering its location next to the front door.

So what do you think? Time to drag out the shoebox full of old cards and breathe new life into some of them.

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Show & Tell

Akimbo Regency cards

I’ve been working on this latest collection for some time so I am pleased to announce its release at long last. Regency is inspired by the¬†intricate illustrations and refined engraved type of the 19th century with bright colours and colloquial wording to bring them into the modern world.

Regency get better soon card Regency you rule card
Regency sympathy card Regency it's about time card 
Regency hey sexy card Regency birthday card

There are a couple that are specific to one occasion, but I generally prefer to leave it vague so that the buyer can decide what they would like to use it for. I have already used the ‘It’s about time’ card a couple of times for long-awaited engagements, but it could also suit a graduation after years of study, an overdue retirement or¬†welcome home after years away. Similarly, the ‘You rule’ sentiment could work as a thank you for a favour, congratulations on a job well done or just to remind someone how special they are. Anyone who’s sick of fat and bald jokes on birthday cards will appreciate the more uplifting ‘Another year wiser’.

Regency moving card

To complement the greeting cards, there’s also a fill-in moving announcements, so friends have no excuse not to send you that Christmas card!

Orders and enquiries here.

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